Friday, July 5, 2013

June Tasterie Box (Signature Box)

Tasterie is a monthly subscription box that specializes in "food allergies" , they have 2 different boxes (snack box $18 and the signature box$25) box boxes are available for purchase in 12 different "allergy  restrictive profiles,vegan option,Gluten free, or just healthy living" I chose the Healthy and Nutritious Signature box , but made a note I was open to gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options as well. 

Tasterie blew me away last I am reviewing again this is June's box and I have already paid for July as well... I think I will request the other two be completely gluten free boxes though, just because I have been really enjoying all my gluten free boxes over the last few months and would like to see much more.

The first peek into my June Tasterie Signature box, first thought was "it isn't nearly as many items as last month", but I know that quality always means more than quantity (at least to me)

Dizzy Pig Jamican Firewalk rub seasoning  $0.61- yumm, I like Jamaican seasonings to begin with. We all love spicy foods...even Tuff Stuff eats things many people consider spicy (although we don't consider it spicy at all ourselves) Try this as a rub as suggested or as an incredible seasoning on fries...delicious!!

Matt's Munchies Island Mango dried fruit snacks $2.00- these are NOT what I expected at all... and I mean that in a REALLY good way, I want more (did I mention it had coconut as well) we are going to be getting some of these for sure!

Crispy green's crispy pineapple $ 1.59- Tuff Stuff actually loves freeze fried fruits this was the first time I think we have had this brand though.. I didn't taste these but they looked good...Tuff scarfed them down very quickly!

Kale Krunch Southwest ranch flavor $5.99 - it seems like June was the month of this type of snack across the spectrum of all boxes... we haven't eaten this yet... I quite frankly don't know if anyone will like them (well Tuffy will often eat anything so he will eat it ,  will update when I finally test these out. I just hope that these are not a frequent fliers in my box)

Slow Cooker Gourmets Texas Panhandle Chuckwagon chili mix $5.50- well I am a Texan and we love our chili... I am willing to try any chili anytime... I will say that we are not going the vegetarian option route but this is actually on the dinner menu for this week!

Blake Hill Preserves Date and Red Chili Chutney $8.99- OMG, OMG... I love Chutney's and we already discussed my love of spice... as simple as adding this to cream cheese heating it up and making a dip, marinades, a baked Brie, possibly on a fruit and cheese trays

The total value of this June tasterie box was $24.09, which is just shy of the $25.00 cost of the box...and a WHOLE  lot less than May's box... that being said I subscribe to Tasterie to learn about new foods...and this box did just that...not  every box every month is going to have an astronomical value... I am already looking forward to my July Signature box ... I have also seriously been considering getting the snack box as well..

If you want a Tasterie box of your own click here----->Tasterie Website

If there is a field that asks how you found out about them if you could be say Kimberlee Parkhouse that would be awesome.

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