Saturday, July 6, 2013

June Pampered Pink Box

I don't think It is any secret that my passion for smaller indie type subscription boxes is growing larger and larger. Not to say I don't still love the Pop Sugars, or the Birchbox's of the sub box world but I find myself searching for new undiscovered boxes...that are small and "home grown" so to speak... Unlike many sub box fanatics, I welcome the thrill of the unknown and risk of a upstart subscription box company (or any start up company really) and have started actively looking for them now instead of waiting on someone to review one first..

So that is what lead me to my Facebook search of subscription boxes when I found The pampered Pink Box. you know I ordered it pretty much right away. The website I ordered from is just a blog, but I found her on Facebook and followed the links.

This is my second review of the Pampered Pink Box.... I have a 6 month subscription so this will be a box you will be seeing for awhile since I jumped on the box and signed up before it ever launched.

Crochet face scrub pad from Sam's Crochet :handmade health $2.00- OK, let me make a confession, I had NO FRICKIN' CLUE what this was...

 I even asked a lot of ladies on one of my Facebook groups and we had all kinds of guesses... (my favorite was me calling them nipple warmers, with a close second being a bald spot patch protector) , but it all seriousness I think this is a really great idea, now that I know what it is... I mean since I am making the move to be more eco friendly using the throw away ind isn't a good thing and to be honest my washcloths disappear somehow... I buy them, use them once or twice and then I never see them again...maybe this will manage to stay near my bathroom sink... if I like this I may have to order a bunch as that I KNOW what it is , I think I really like the idea!

Toe Separator with 5 Small Tulips, Yellow $0.39- these are super cute, tulips are actually my favorite flower and I "surprisingly" lost my previous set. These will go to use almost immediately

Just Pure Minerals glow mineral veil $0.70- I love mineral make up as I have mentioned a few thousand times so I am loving this (and I was actually almost out of mineral veil so this will work until I get more) This company actually has some INCREDIBLE packages/pricing for mineral makeup if you like Minerals. seriously great prices click here to see---->Just Pure Minerals

inSPAration Spa& bath fragrance in coconut mango $2.16-  I actually am looking forward to trying this, I do a lot of hot water therapy for my joints/muscles (yes, Dr's orders that I take long soaking baths or sit in a hot tub...kinda nice) I am always looking for new items to add to my bath water since I use unscented epsom salts since it is more affordable than scented kind. I love that you can actually put this in your hot tub as well.

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited body wash $2.50- I like this scent, it is different than the other body washes I currently have which makes me want to use it right now you know.... honestly, you can almost never go  wrong with a body wash.

Kleancolor nail lacquer $3.59- it's hard to tell in this oicture but this is a nail polish that is textured with smallish glitter I guess and then has large silver glitter in it as well... I think if I liked glitter or texturized nail polish I would be going nuts about this...but I do not like either... this is going to either be swapped or gifted since glitter nail polish is just not "my thing" at all.

Handmaden Soap Company "on Gossamer wings" exfoliating mango butter soap $5.00- I took this out of the box for the photo so you could see the texture added to the soap to help with the exfoliating process... this smells wonderful... I am so wanting to keep this for myself, but I think it would also be perfect for a gift box I am working on... this is my favorite item in this month's box. I actually found several nice things I want to try on the company website, I will include a link to the site so ya'll can check it out too... I kow many of you enjoy handmade skincare/soaps/scrubs as much as I do, just click here---->Handmaden soap company

All totaled my June Pampered Pink Box was worth $16.34, the cost of the box is $15 a month and the price goes down with multiple month subscription packages (I think I pay $11 a month)

 I did get my money's worth on this box even if the box wasn't a "knock your socks off kind of box" With the exception of the nail polish I will use all of these items and the soap alone was such a great item that I was happy (the soap could be smelled when I opened the box)

 I was a little more impressed with last month's box, but we all know that not every box will make everyone happy all the time... I still like this box, I just didn't love it (and that is likely because of the nail polish and trying to figure out what the crochet item was for a few hours)

 I remember a bunch of us were discussing on the sub box boards the other day were there any subscriptions that you could get the multiple month discount on , but not pay upfront.... I said I KNOW there was one I reviewed that did that and couldn't remember which one... well it is THIS you can get this box for as little as $11 a month and up to $15 a month depending on how many months you choose, but payment is per month not up front...

I do not think that there is a referral program for this box yet, but just in case it would be great if you could let them know Kimberlee Parkhouse sent you!

They also have a deluxe sized box, I get the petite sized box.

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