Saturday, July 6, 2013

June Nature Box

This month I actually received 3 different nature box deliveries (plus got my daddy a subscription for father's day) last month I posted about a limited time offer to signup to try nature box for $ I signed up for two additional boxes using that promotion, I didn't review those boxes because the fist box of the Nature Box subscriptions are always the same 'welcome box" and I had already reviewed my first welcome box recently. after the first month you get to choose your own snacks.

We love Nature box so much in addition to the 3 boxes we got ourselves this month I also ordered a 3 month subscription for my dad as well.

For those wondering what a nature box is this is a box that contains multi- serving bags of healthy treats (you get to choose your treats from the selection on the website if you want or if you want they can create a surprise box for you if you prefer. They have 3 box sizes I received the smallest box which is 5 full size bags of snacks regular price 19.99, the medium sized box has 10 full size bags of snacks for 29.95, and the large has   20 full sized bags for 49.95...again the current promo is 50% off these prices (I will list the discount below the review) OK, so on with my box of yummies

Nut's for granola- this is simply GREAT, Tuff Stuff eats granola in his yogurt every day so we have become pretty fair judges on granola these days

I wish that I was reviewing the guacamole bites right here, but they evidently sold out. The included this card letting me know they were sorry I didn't get my choice of snack, so they were crediting my account $5.00 and sent another snack in it's place (more on that a little further down)

Whole Wheat raspberry figgy bars- I make sure these are in every box we get.. I just received notification that they are out of stock and I will not be getting these in the box that ships in a few days... I have no idea what I will choose instead (more on all the out of stock items at the end of this review)

Peanut Butter Nom Noms-This is evidently the new packaging that Nature Box is switching to (I like it) This was the first time we had got these and I must say that I like them quite a bit and plan to get them again in the July box.

Zesty Fiesta Mix- these were a first for us and I thought they were Ok, Tuff Stuff is allergic to one of the spices thuogh and ended up with hives (he has several food allergies and spices are a big trigger) so we will not be ordering these in the future...this was the item that Nature box chose to send us in place of the out of stock guacamole bites.

Banana chips- I think we all know what banana chips are so no explanation needed...BUT I got an email a couple days ago that Nature box is discontinuing them so I needed to choose another snack for my July Box...they will have plantain chips with sea salt instead (which sound yummy...but my 2 yr old really doesn't need the added salt and this was one of "his" snacks)

This was all the items in my June Nature Box it was the "deluxe box which is $19.95. I have always been a big fan of nature box because of the quality and variety of the snacks. I could feel good about my son eating most things from this company as long as it was not something that caused an allergy issue...that being said get to pick the five snacks you want in your box for the month before they ship it to you.... of the five I chose I got emails stating that three of them were not going to be available to ship and I needed to choose another item.... I am irritated right now that over 50% of my custom box will not be snacks I wanted at all... in fact I may not get a box for July at this point because really looking through the "menu option" everything I want is out of stock...

I have never had issues with them before and I hop this is just in response to the recent promotions they have had and by August it will be all worked out....

If you would like to try this box for yourself  make sure you use the code "SHARE10" so you can get your first box for just $9.95 and click here----->Nature Box website

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