June The Jungle Stand Tasting bar -welcome to Taiwan!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I recently was honored to be given the opportunity to review a tasting bar  from The Jungle Stand. This is a "foodie box" if there ever was one and to say that this was a box that I was ecstatic to review would be a vast understatement!

For those who do not know what The tasting bar from the Jungle Stand is let me catch you up real quick because you know when I start talking about unusual or ethnic type food s I can go on and on...

This is their own words to describe this box of surprise, sometimes delightful good and sometimes not so much depending on your personal tastes...

We are an original taste-ing BAR.
And every month the BAR will offer bitesized
samples for taste-ing.
It’ll be a very unique experience for surecertainly
one you’ve never had before. 
Perhaps odd  maybe even strange at times, but
always delightful. 
So take a taste and enjoy! 
This will be YOUR adventure.

Ok, so once I gave them my address and I knew they were sending me a box to review I was bouncing off the walls... My hubby and I are food nerds, and we literally live in the middle of nowhere with cattle as the view from my back porch, we have less than 500 people in this town and not even a grocery store much less a specialty food store...honestly we so not even a McDonald's so you KNOW we do not get our "foodie fix" at home very often (this was one of the things that was a huge con to moving to the country...I do miss having Pho for breakfast,  Kibi for lunch, and sushi for dinner...ahhhh, those were the days...ok so I got off track...

At last my box arrived...and although I had seen a spoiler that said it was a "Taiwan Box" I actually stopped right there... I didn't want to kow any more (well I saw the word squid...and I don't like squid so I was a little bummed, BUT that's OK because I knew that I would like other items...

Finally after about a week of waiting and waiting, hubby and were able to get Tuff Stuff into bed at a decent hour on a night that we both had set aside as date night (yes, I should have been catching up on boxes...but it was food....and they type of food I had been denied for so long)

So we decided to watch chopped on Food Network and chill on the couch and taste our way through Taiwan!... Finally!!!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Tasting bar/Jungle Stand set up this is a quick tutorial. There are 6 items to "taste" in the BAR and they are color coded, each sealed pouch has a colored dot on it but no other description to tell you what the food item really is. so you must use your information card to guide you along your experience.

This is your information card, menu, tour guide, whatever you want to call it...this is basically your food passport to Taiwan (at least for this box...who knows where they will take you next month)

The menu if you will, gives you the name of the item , a brief description including the region it is most commonly found in and a hint as to what you will be tasking... actually I found this to be pretty much spot on accurate...

also included is a pack of saltine crackers to use to cleanse your palate between tastes ( I would have preferred a sorbet, bu this is a box and that would not have been possible in this situation a cracker did the trick very nicely)

all that is left to do  now is follow the colored dots...

Sachima-  this kinda looked like a cross between a rice crispie treat meets a small plain funnel cake squished to make a rice crispy treat ... but it didn't taste that way at all... OMG this was awesome. it melted in my mouth and I am sure I tasted both butter and caramel...not gonna lie hubby got a small bite of this and I took the rest 

I have seen these at the Asian Market we go to when in town to stock up on some our favorite items... I never gave them much thought before, I can assure you that this will now be in the cart when we go in the future.

Rice crackers- there were three of these in our little package, we both have had rice crackers before so thought we knew what we were in for...these were a little sweeter than the ones I was expecting (although not sweet like a dessert sweet, just not real savory)  It does say on the card that that is the subtle difference in Taiwan's version they are dusted with a bit of sweetness... these were just OK... not bad, not good... We have had better, but we have had worse.

Sesame Pastry- this was a wonderful contradiction of surprises...the menu card warned that it would have a chewy bite outside and then light as air and almost indescribable inside.... this is was one of my favorite finds i this box...yes the others were nice...but this is something I have already found myself craving since we had our date night last week... seriously Hubby is gonna have to make that long drive to the Asian Market real soon... I don't know if they have these, but honestly in I will track some down...maybe one of the bakery's in the same area... I am on the hunt...

Squid- OK...not even gonna lie to you I was scared to death of this little package...for several reasons, the biggest being... I don't eat fish...I do shell fish, but not scale fish (I have a fish phobia...as in I can't even look at a fish aquarium...seriously)... I have had calamari before but that's about as close to this type of squid I had ever come... as I have mentioned my hubby and I are very adventurous eaters and often will eat at places we can't read the menu... so I am not afraid of unknown, new or unusual foods... but I was NOT eating that squid, which was fine with hubby (he spent part of his childhood in Japan, and he is also pacific islander himself so he loves this kind of stuff) He was more than happy to slurp and suck on the squid (the correct way to eat it) I used this opportunity to get some more ginger-ale. Hubby said this was pretty decent, but sweet , not his favorite maybe if he could have used that banana sauce stuff he used like ketchup on things like that...

Pumpkin cake-  we had two of these packages...good one for each of us...first off I really liked this, secondly this is NOT a cake... perhaps a hybrid of a bar or cookie...but most certainly not a cake. The pumpkin flavor was subtle, this had salty undertones which I liked...perhaps it was from the seaweed topping (which I wasn't so sure about on a cake, in fact I almost told hubby to eat it...but as I said I didn't consider this a cake), also some kinda spice I can't identify (readers if you know please tell me) I would eat this again, but I am not gonna be searching all over Texas for it like some of the other items...but if I happen to run across them, ummm yea they will likely come home with us at least once...I think this is something I may only want once very few months but then again I can't get these type of groceries more often than that anyways....

Peanut Brittle- again this was not like any peanut brittle I had ever had, it was dense and hard but so frickin' delicious...this was my FAVORITE item in the tasting Bar... I am actually going to contact Jungle Stand to find out who the manufacture is of this ( I want this with my afternoon coffee...period)

As I said at the beginning of this post I was pretty sure hubby and I would love this box once I knew the theme and we did...well, me and the squid not so much...

Considering this box is only $9.92 a month and free shipping I am not sure why I haven't tried it before, since we are the target audience for this box actually...hhhmmm... I need to think about WHY we didn't

anyway... we really enjoyed our taste of Taiwan, and I hop to see just as awesome offerings in the future from them since I am adding this to my box rotation...

So want one of your own (remember it's less than $10.00 a month) -----> click here The Jungle Stand

to my knowelege they do not offer discount, coupon codes, or referral programs (I could be wrong, so if I am someone comment and correct me) but seriously for the price...just get the box, it makes for a great laid back at home date nite for just a few dollars a month.

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