Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Green Grab Bag

I recently received the chance to receive a Green grab bag to review for ya'll here on The Dragon Slayer Mommy... I have been curious about Green grab Bag for awhile now, so I was all over the opportunity to receive a review box from them! 

Green Grab bag is unlike the other boxes that are Green, organic, or eco friendly in that yes,  you can do a "typical" monthly subscription that is pretty much what I received here for review for only $15 a month 
you can build your own box... Yep, you read that right... build your own box (sizes small 15, med 25, and large 35) a small is about the same size as the box I am reviewing which as subscription is also only $15.

Let me just go back to that build your own box for a moment...UMMM... YES, PLEASE... I seriously spend almost an hour "designing" a box for myself earlier today when I should have been doing this review...

For someone like me who is all about trying new organic and vegan items this is GREAT, because you can choose what ou are interested in trying and well.."create your own box" and there are lots' of choices.

Ok, so let's get back to the business at hand of reviewing the box they sent me to review....

Green Grab bag includes an info card on the items that are in their subscription box, as most companies do... 

Paper Doll Minerals so cheeky Blush! (full size$21.00) this color I received is pink it up! and it is very pretty...but maybe too pink for me...this one is going to a friend who will love it (I really love Mineral makeups and totally wish this was a color better suited for me...but we can't win 'em all) I know that my friend will LOVE this so it's still a win! (this is actually MUCH more pink in real life, this picture just didn't capture it...but the group photo below shows how very pink it is...if it was the color above I would be keeping it for myself.)

bodyBrana Strawberry Face Toner (full size 8.75) -this is a very nice smelling face toner that you can add to your beauty routine as a toner, or use as a pick me up for your skin in the heat of the summer...I love it for that reason a nice spritz to "cool ya off"  it's  sounding great for a summer summer day, or evening here in Texas

***or some reason no matter what i did my camera just would not focus on the words , it was really tiny writing, so maybe that was the issue***

Oils are all the rage of course these days and although I was a little late to the party I am  quickly learning what there is to love about these awesome oil option available. Let me just say here that I do not care for Ylang Ylang much personally (just a personal preference and has NOTHING to do with this product at all,(even came up in a review of my favorite skincare products) I also can't stand the smell of rosemary...just the two things I can't tolerate..  this oil although it does contain Ylang Ylang isn't too over powering with the scent and actually smells quite nice to be honest.(I think the added orange balances it out pretty well.this would actually make a great addition to a bath (maybe with some plain Epsom salts as well) since it is moisturizing it actually will be awesome with the Epsom salts I it when stuff pops into my head like that as I am typing (so not where I planned to go with this review, but I LOVE this idea so going this route instead) then again...maybe as a hair oil...this one is growing on me as time goes on...

Pldbody Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub (full size 3.69) This is a lemon sugar lip scrub that I would give almost anything to give you a better picture of , but there was a "leak" in other product was effected because each product was sent in it's own individual   bag just for this reason I am sure... the outside was a little messy, but I cleaned it up and tried this stuff out and you know what... I DO NOT CARE that it leaked...I frickin' love this stuff... thank goodness for the info card since I can't read the label on the lip-scrub container because I plan to get more of this (not just for myself, but a few friends who have an obsession with lip products as well) this one just proves you can't judge the product by the packing (or the box either for a leak for that matter) even though my lip scrub arrived in sad shape, I very much enjoyed it very much... it is the one item I plan to purchase more of (and several of them at that)

This is a nice smelling Dee Voo facial moisturizer which although won't be replacing my usual oil serum as a moisturizer it was a really great moisturizer and I am actually passing this on to my mom I think it would be perfect for her and I am trying to get  her on the "natural" bandwagon as well (my daughters are there and enjoy the natural skincare to convert my mom and sister and then on to the cousins (actually a few cousins are already converts) I promise you if I am giving this to my mom that means I do think this is a really good product (even if it isn't for me) it looks like this line also has an acne line and a radiant line (hmmm the acne line I may see about some sample sizes for my daughter and sister to try) Also included in the box was a coupon code for more products from Dee Voo Skin Care...they are all vegan and I saw a few things I would be interested in trying.

Lotus Moon Hibiscus flower hydrating lotion facial moisturizer (full size 27.95) I actually have quite a few of these sample packets from various boxes., while I do like the product and it is great to toss in my bag as I said I have a whole lots of them (so I  was a little sad to see it here (just because I already have plenty) ... although the lip-scrub and face toner spray made up for any sadness I had at all)

I can honestly say that the Green Grab bag was much better than I had anticipated it would be, I did not do a price break down because for all natural, organic, vegan skin care items I defiantly feel this is worth the $15 monthly subscription cost beyond a shadow of a doubt (the only real disappointment for me was the lotus moon sample that I have received in various other organic boxes I am not a big fan of "packet samples" but that is just me) I found at least two items I will be buying again (the lip scrub and the strawberry facial toner spray...but the more I smell that oil the more I realize I really do like it and it just might make a great hair oil (you know I have been searching high and low for the perfect hair oil)

Although what I reviewed here for you today was the June monthly subscription box (and I do think I will be signing up for this box, it will likely be replacing another box that I have not been as happy with) I must tell you my mind is still all over that create your own box I described above.... I really know that I will not stop thinking about the create your own box option until I do it at least watch for that post... I don't know why it took me so long to jump on the Green Grab Bag bandwagon, but I am so glad they sent me a box to review so I could see what I was missing out on...this box is actually the exact type of box that I am "in too" 

to recap the above a monthly subscription is $15 a month (discount for multiple month subscription, shipping is free) 

the build your own box options are $15,$25,and $35....these are one time purchase boxes are are separate from the monthly subscription of $15.00

OK, so I know you want to know how to subscribe yourself, or at least want to go check out that design your own box option. All you have to do is click here---> Green Grab Bag, in the how did you hear about us section of the page if you could please put The dragon Slayer mommy that would be great... 

***this box was sent for review purposes free of charge, all thoughts and opinion are completely my own and I was not paid for this review, nor will I ever accept payment for any review***


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    1. i did a build your own box a couple days ago... i cant wait to get it!!! love the fact that they allow you to create your own as well. i just did the small one $15...still think i got like 7 items, and one of them was an item from my top 10. list

  2. Lovely work, Kimberlee!

    I hope you got some joy from testing the bodyBrana Strawberry toner :)