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June From The Lab

One of the boxes that arrived during "the great" box rush a week or so ago was From the Lab, this was a box I was very excited to receive because well... I didn't know much about it and that ALWAYS makes me eager to open it up and check it out. After getting the shipping notification that my review box was on it's way I had spent about an hour checking them out and I was more excited about this than I had been any box in quite awhile...anticipation was killing me!

A couple weeks ago I was offered an opportunity to receive a box "from the lab" for review purposes...this was an opportunity I was more than happy to jump all over (maybe it is the "science geek" in me...they had me at "lab" 

From the lab is still a relatively small subscription company that is unlike any beauty box I can think of on the market. They have bypasses the middle man and have partnered up with different labs around the world to create products for their clients... the website explains all of this much better than I ever could , here is a small bit of what they have to say:

That is what is revolutionary about From the Lab. We bypass the lengthy marketing and distribution timelines of big retail brands and go directly to the source – labs that develop, innovate, and formulate, using their own patented ingredients for some of the top prestige brands globally.

Our process begins with selecting the most exciting and innovative products that our labs are offering to the international beauty industry. These products are fully approved, tested, and ready for release before we ask beauty editors and focus groups of women just like you to help us make our final selections.

My From the Lab arrived by Fed Ex (always a good thing,  I want to say it took about a day and a half from the time they sent shipping notification) I Love to see that Fed Ex truck in front of my house (not so sure he loves me as much as I adore him)

Inside the Fed Ex packing was a nice box with the company logo on it, and I really like the way the inside seemed custom to these two products (you will see what I mean in those pics...but really cool)

My first peek into the box let me know that I was getting primers (which actually as discussed in previous posts I know very little about primers so I thought this was a great introduction for me) I took my time and got to really know these products before doing my review since I really had no clue what to expect....so glad I did!

the first look at my primers (face primer and eyelift primer)

Face Primer #327- this lightweight primer was more than I expected it to be (I was thinking heavy foundation like I wore in the 80's and early 90's) I for the most part have been strictly a mineral makeup girl for about 10 years now other than when doing a review of a product. I was surprised by this...I couldn't tell I had it on at all!!! This looked great on it's own and really did make my mineral makeup stay put and look MUCH better than usual... As I have said before I am not an expert on primers...but I do know I am an expert on light and natural makeup (I do not want to look like I am wearing make up or feel like I am wearing make up...had enough of that in the 80's thank you) this is great on both requirements!

The information booklet gave a lot of information on the primer, how to use it, and what benefits it had other than as a primer (anti-aging, color correcting, and pore minimizing),and what makes this different from other primers.

Eyelift primer # 328- although this comes with a wand applicator you are to use your finger to apply this and I can tell you I did notice right away that my eye are looked "smoother" now I defiantly do not look my age (and up until chemo took it's tool my skin actually looked 20 yrs younger than I am so I am just "blessed I guess" when it comes to wrinkles) but I will admit the eye area is looking a bit more like my mom and less like my daughters these past couple years and I noticed that was nicely corrected right away. This was not as "light" as the face primer, but still pretty light feeling and really wasn't something I noticed I had on after about 15 min or so. Defiantly something you can wear without eye-makeup to "look better" without the eye shadow.... worker well under the shadow to have it stay in place... I did notice it cut back on eye shadow "creasing" I was using a cream to power eye shadow (not sure if that matters)


as with the face primer there was instructions on usage,benefits and special qualities (glad I read because I totally would have used the wand on my eye otherwise...should I not be doing that with my eye shadow creams either?)

I actually do not know how to price these since they are not "branded" but I assume they would cost more than $30 for both for sure.
The regular cost of this box is 29.99, but everyone who signs up now while they are running their charter membership special can lock in  the 19.99 price (a 33% savings every month just for getting in while they are launching)
Every month will be a different set of products (1 to 3 every month) all of the same high quality made just for from the lab.

One aspect I didn't really get to explore was the "social" part of the from the lab membership, since I was given a box to review I don't have an "account login" but one of the really cool features (or at  least I think it would be cool) is that you can log in to your account and talk to other members about the products ya'll received and swap tips and such...come on ya'll know ya love the "box specific group stuff as much as I do) they also have videos with tips on the account login members area.

I think this is an incredibly awesome company, love the whole idea of bypassing the middle man and the price markups and just getting the best quality product possible and at a really good price (especially at the charter membership rate of $19.99)

you can sign up here, or just explore a bit and see what they are all about.-------->from the lab

I do not know if they have a referral program in place yet being such a new company, but it never hurts if you let them know that the dragon slayer mommy sent you :~)

***this box was provided for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no compensation was received for my review***

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