Saturday, July 6, 2013

June The fantasy Box (warning adult content) and Discount code

A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review the very first box from The Fantasy Box, I of course was like "ummm Yes, I will take one of those" I had no idea at all what to expect since this is the first box and that made the anticipation all the more intense... This was a box that I had not told hubby about until it arrived...haha, let's just say all you need to do if the man in your life thinks you spend too much money on boxes every month just throw this into the mix and  I assure you there will be NO more complaints!!!

The fantasy Box arrives in a plain brown box which is nice so your mail man and your neighbors won't be thinking about what is going down in your bedroom that night ya know....

Inside the brown box was this absolutely adorable box that "houses" all of the "goodies" Seriously this box is great, I have to find something I can use this box for in the future...maybe my baby sister's wedding shower gifts... this wouldn't be too "weird" for that I think...but to be honest, I might like to keep this for know gotta have somewhere to store all my adult goodies from my curious little one.

I just really liked this design that is on the top of the box (solid pink top other than this little logo, I LOVE it)

My first peek into the box...just by this first glance I could tell this was going to be all about "fun and games" At this point I wondered if I should wait for hubby to get home to look at everything (yea,  didn't wait.... I needed to take my pictures and he wouldn't have been very patient)

This Welcome card/info card introduces you to the theme of the box "pretty much follow the leader" , advises you to clear an entire evening for a date night if you will, to experience this box....even advising that dinner be know it's all about building anticipation... The included instructions are very through and sets the stage for a great night even if personally are not "creative" all you have to do is follow the instructions they have very carefully detailed for you!

These little "instruction cards" for each of you are to be used during dinner...there is a series of questions for you each to complete and then discuss....these questions are all over the place from humorous to well down right dirty....the intention is for you to both be completely honest and to see where you match up to get you ready for the next phase of the evening...

The little questionaired directs your dinner conversation and basically keeps you on "task" so that this evening is all about the two of you reconnecting instead of the conversation drifting off to your kids, the bills, or any of the other things that we as boring married with children couples tend to discuss instead of focusing on our relationship and what brought us together in the first place.

the next stage of your diner conversation (perhaps during dessert) is to  decide who will be the leader and who will be the follower for the rest of the evening...there is to be "no cheating" so you can't look at the cards to see what the follower will be doing or what the leader will be doing in advance...just pick one and go from there...these cards/instructions cover it all from what you wear to what you will be "doing" The fantasy Box has thought of everything for you...all you have to is follow the instructions they have provided for you.

Now, let's look at the "goodies" The Fantasy Box has included for your romantic date night experience....

Sex and Mischief black satin blindfold- $5.99- how perfect for an adult game of follow the leader and satin can feel so sexy...and well I guess we all know that just the idea of a blindfold can get things heated up.

DONA massage candle $9.99- this smells pretty great (it is Camu Camu which is one of my fav Scentsy scents BTW) anyways since this is called a "Massage candle" I am guessing you can figure out different way/places to use this candle and it's wax... or just use it as a candle if that is what the "leader"  for this evening decides to do , the "follower" will have no say so at all...

This little individual wrapped package had the "outfit" for the evening

Electric Lingerie Lace BabyDoll Dress Top & Thong $27.00- I have to say I really like that the "outfit" included was this type of babydoll is flowing kinda and honestly would look good on everyone...there is nothing worse that putting on a "sexy outfit" and feeling like you look fat not will kill the mood every time I give The fantasy Box major props for using this type of lingerie as opposed to a super skimpy one that many women are uncomfortable wearing.
 (this price is a guess based on this set in a different color since this one I couldn't locate exact one) 

detail on the lace and you can see there are even little bows that connect the straps to the babydoll (very feminine and pretty)

a closer look at the "flowy/billowy part of this you can see this is made to flatter every body type... I am actually thinking that THE Fantasy Box hit a home run with this one!!

Hot Pink Warming Lubricant for Women $10.00- I don't know that I need to "explain" this one to ya'll but these are almost always sure to "heat things up" (pun intended) This brand isn't sticky or sweetly scented so that is a major just does what it is supposed to do...period...

Le reve by PipeDream- $25.00- so we all know what this is AND what it is used for so I am not gonna go there... this happens to be waterproof for showers, bubble bath, or hot tubs ..hey I am not your "leader" , but someone will be making those decisions for you.... I will say this, this package was dammed near impossible to open...even hubby had a difficult time getting this out without messing u the box (because I needed the box to be perfect for the photo...he just loves it when I need packaging to be pristine on hard to open stuff) my suggestion since it is unlikely you will be taking photos of this box is to cut it open with a box cutter...but hey if you want to do pics that's your business...not mine!!!

All totaled my The fantasy Box was worth an estimated $77.98 which is a GREAT value considering this box sales for $59 a month.

The fantasy Box has three different box option and this is the mid range box. You can get the box monthly or bi-monthly 

the box levels are $34, $59, and $159 (so there is a price range for everyone...seriously the $34 box bi monthly is only about 17 a month for a date night...really a GREAT deal...)

want to order one for yourself or to just find out more click here---->The Fantasy Box

The Fantasy Box"DRAGON20"gives 20% off your first box (any of the 3 levels of service) see my previous reviews here

Make sure you let them know that The Dragon Slayer Mommy sent you!!!

***this box was received free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no compensation was received***


  1. Such a good box! I received DONA products in my Spicy Subscriptions awhile back, I loved them! The babydoll top is really cute too. I remember my sister owning a top like that years ago and I'd always steal it from her because I always wanted to wear it :)

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