Monday, July 1, 2013

June Beauty Box 5

One of the boxes that came in this last week was my Beauty Box 5,  Recently Beauty Box Five offered me the opportunity to receive a box for review and I of course jumped on it ASAP (I have been wanting to test Beauty Box 5 out for awhile since they are one of the more affordable monthly subscriptions for beauty items)  This is a box of  5 beauty items for $12 monthly/ $30 quarterly. Beauty Box Five kindly sent me the June month for review purposes.

This was my first look into the Beauty Box 5 box, right off the bad I was pretty darn pleased... I saw two of my favorite things...lip-gloss and tropical scented body scrub (I am a sucker for tropical scents)

Bodyography foundation primer (clear)  0.53 oz size $5.13
I am probably the last woman on earth not using a primer before foundation.. I am thinking it is time to jump on the bandwagon and find one I like. The reviews I have read on the bodyography have all be great and I am looking forward to adding this to my makeup routine to help keep everything in place and cut back on that sine a little bit (hey, it's TX a girl needs all the help she can get)

Model Co. lip-gloss in strip tease $16.00, 
I think you all know how I feel when I get a new lip item in my boxes (all giddy and happy like a kid with a new piece of candy) This ingenious little tube comes with a built in mirror... I so wish everyone else would do this, it is perfect. The color, the shine and the packaging all great...although it was a bit sticky on my lips (that often happens with lip products that add a lot of shine, so it wasn't unexpected and not enough to keep me from using this product in the future.) This is the kind of packaging all lip products need.

Brazen organic mineral eye shadow in birthday suite $6.99 - you really can't tell in the picture but this is a very natural looking eye shadow (pale earth-tones) the reason it has a reddish look in the photo is the packaging, the lid has lips on it and that is where the color comes from. I didn't realize it at first and was thinking it would be a pinkish color and was planning to try it as a blush... once I opened the little pot of eye shadow and saw the real color I was is the perfect color for those of us who prefer the natural look....This is something that I would purchase for myself, I actually prefer mineral makeup and love this color!

Blinc Mascara (sample size) 0.02 oz $2.75 - this is a tubing mascara, I had never used a tubing this was a little scary for me. I for some reason thought this would be complicated (kinda like my fear of liquid eye liner) Surprisingly, this just went on the same as any stays put and even when crying it won't come off...even over night...the downside it isn't overly easy to get off either. you can't "just take it off" you have to use warm water and water pressure to get this does come off in a tube like piece. I don't think that this is something I would actually purchase myself because it is so difficult to remove and I don't need to add steps to my nightly beauty routine.

Shea Sugar Body Scrub (coconut lime) $4.99 - This stuff smells awesome, just smelling it reminds me of past vacations in the Mexican Riviera! Every woman needs a good scrub, and this one seems perfect... it is a great exfoliate as well as a good moisturizer and as I already mentioned the smell will transport you to a tropical location for a mini escape.

All totaled my Beauty Box 5 came to $35.86 and had 3 full size products and two pretty good sized samples in it, This box sells for $12.00 a box (or $30.00 a quarter) I think that this box certainly was more than worth the cost of the box, and introduced me to products that I had never seen before and a couple that I actually really, really like and plan to purchase in the future and for me that is what makes a box "worth it"  

As I stated above Beauty Box 5, did send this box to me for review purposes, but based on the items I received I would highly recommend this box and plan to add it to my box rotation as well....for $12 this is a box that is hard to pass up.

want one of your own? Click here....Beauty Box 5

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