Monday, July 22, 2013

July Your Bijoux Box review

I am a little late on reviewing this box since most of you have seen the majority of the pieces in my giveaway over the last week, but their are a few differences and a special offer on this review... 

To recap the details of this box...

The box costs $35 per month, and includes 2-3 pieces of hand selected premium jewelry, valued at $70 or MORE.

my readers will also receive a special gift that I selected for you  just remember to use the code "SPARKLEBOX" to get yours added when you order a your bijoux box of your own (I had a few pieces to choose from and I chose the bracelet, I do hope ya'll approve)

The selected items are on-trend and versatile.They arrive each month in their own little black velvet like pouches to protect them (except the bracelet, it was wrapped beautifully in tissue paper that matched the beautiful blue and black box it arrived in (that I am keeping to use for a gift box in the future because it was so cute) 

The July Your Bijoux Box that I received for review purposes is the same July box as everyone else with the added black bracelet that I have chosen as a special gift for my readers too add to their own boxes for free (I had a couple option and choose the bracelet, I do hope ya'll approve) I will explain how to get the bracelet for free just for being a reader of the dragon slayer mommy below... let's get on to the review of THIS box shall we....

When I opened the box I was greeted by a nicely wrapped "package" to opened like Christmas morning.

This was my "first look" I know it's hard to tell what's there because the pieces come in their own  black velvet little bags to protect and store them 

I know most of you have seen this beautiful Dahlia Collar ($58)  listed in my giveaways here, but trust me it is much more beautiful in person. I am actually wearing this to my sister's wedding is the PERFECT statement piece, lavender was just one of several colors that were "accents" of the dress.... I saw this and KNEW it would make the perfect piece for the big day (so no pic of me wearing it yet, I will post those AFTER the wedding or my sister might kill me)

Lavender Dahlia Collar
Another photo of the Dahlia Collar

Deco Strand with earrings ($46) - this strand is actually my favorite piece in this July box... It is so versitile. It can be worn long, or doubled up without it feeling to tight and the earrings look great with your hair up in a casual /slightly messy updo. 

This is what the Deco strand looks like on as a long strand (I forgot to get a shot of the earrings)... I absolutely LOVE this piece and it goes with so many of the items in my wardrobe so it is the perfect piece for me... especially since I can wear it a couple different ways to "change it up" some.

This is the black bauble bracelet ($35) that is available as a "free add on" to the reader here at the dragon slayer mommy  when you order your first get this freebie use the code "SPARKLEBOX"... this has already become a favorite of mine (black works with almost everything I wear)

This is what the black bauble bracelet looks like on, I actually discovered I like it much better "on" than I did in pictures so I wanted to make sure you saw what it looked like with me actually wearing it.

All totaled the July Your Bijoux box I received was valued at $139.00 and only cost $35 ... GREAT VALUE!!!! get yours by clicking HERE and don't forget to use the code "SPARKLEBOX" to get the bracelet added to your box.

So please now that you have seen the July Your Bijoux box (and not just the giveaway pieces, please tell me what you think and do you plan to get one for yourself?)


  1. All the jewelry is nice, but my favorite is the Dahlia necklace...

  2. I've debated this box for a while... the long necklace looks great on you!

  3. This box looks great. I may have to jump on this. I don't sub to any jewelry boxes yet but there are a few I've been considering

  4. The "Dahlia" necklace is actually the J Crew "Cupcake" necklace and can be purchased from Etsy for $10 in any color of YOUR choosing not the subscription site's.

  5. This blog is great my friend keep it going and have a nice day!