Sunday, July 28, 2013

July WoofWagPlay Box and discount code

Mss Libby and Sir Romeo received their Woof Wag Play last week and they are in heaven , Miss Libby (Liberty Bell) immediately claimed the "stuffie" as hers...and she does not intend to share (well with Tuff Stuff she shares....just not with Romeo Love.

So, this is the scene in my living-room all this week... Miss Libby chillin' on the ottoman on her blankie  guarding her adorable purple balloon animal type purple elephant...what else would a princess play with? Oh course, this was make for her!( She feels she must lay on her blankie wherever she goes and yes I am the official blankie mover....for her and Tuff Stuff)


A little recap for those who are not aware of WoofWagPlay and how awesome this box really is... last month they sent me a "review box" I fell in love with this dog box , what they stand for, and what they are trying t do know I had to subscribe...

So, let's review what we learned last month ladies...

Woof Wag Play is a new monthly subscription box for dogs that uses is all natural, organic treats, environmentally friendly toys, and uses part of the profits to help fund health care for doggies  in need... you know I was all over this one!!!
Woof Wag Play was kind enough to send Romeo and Libby a box for review purposes back in June and this mommy was super excited to get a chance to be among the first to see this box. Miss Libby has already decided this box is a keeper so you will be seeing more of these reviews in the future I am sure because well, Miss Libby is a spoiled puppy princess who gets her way most of the time because I am wrapped around her big ol' paw.... we did in fact cave in to Miss Liberty Bell and since her birthday is this coming week we gave her a 3 month subscription since we loved the June Box so much (see review HERE)

The first thing you will notice about Woof Wag Play is unlike other pet boxes you fill out a pretty detailed questionnaire about your dog(s) that you are sent via email shortly after signing up. Each box is customized for your furry babies and how you answered the profile (what is their size, toy habits, chewing habits, age, treat preference things like that) so what I got may not be what someone else gets and that's a good 3 yr old super hyper tug a war loving boxer would not be as happy with a box designed for an elderly  blue heeler who wants to play fetch, or even my mom  & dad's beloved imperial shih tzu  whose whole body  is smaller than either one of my dog's heads.

This is the aspect I love most ...complete custom box...this box was very evenly split between my hyper princess  puppy on a power trip and my laid back, senior citizen who occasionally  (if his hips are not bothering him) will play a few rounds of fetch before finding his spot on the couch/my bed...with his pillow...yes he has a pillow...

This was my first peek into the July Box.... I was excited and they were teasing me with all the paperwork on top...

This month's charity paw is the French Bulldog rescue network, so by purchasing this box you are helping give some adorable frenchies much needed medical attention and a whole lotta love!!!
5% of every box sold goes to the charity of the month!!

So, this was the REAL first look once all the paper was you can see stuffed...

As you saw above Miss Libby received a Charming Balloons corduroy collection $10.95 (you have to see the whole collection, HERE,) I think we need a few more of these around this house...and I aim to find some!

Cute angle to the purple Elephant (but really I used this one because Mr Obie is pouting that the dogs got a box today and he didn't) Oh, The elephant's name is "Emma the elephant" family members will find that cute!

Stella & chewy's ,Stella's super beef dinner $4.17- This is not the dog food version of this "meal" it is a large cookie made of freeze dried ingredients... looking forward to watching the babies with this since there is only one.....

Merrick 8" to 10" mother of all bones (Ranger Rib) $1.69 - I will need to pick up a second bone while in town before introducing my babies to this.... two dogs, one bone...not a pretty site....

Tumbleweed & Eddie's Lobster Bisque wheat free do g snacks -$ 7.99, I noticed these are limited babies seemed to love them so maybe dogs to like lobster ...who knew?

Zuke's Hip Action  daily hip & Joint support with Fresh peanut butter formula. $7.99- Sir Romeo Love has been on medication for his hips for awhile now, the vet had finally recommended a pill schedule (natural substances) that works VERY in likely avoided his surgery for my baby boy (and if you were wondering for Romeo...YES, he would get any surgery needed... but thanks to his meds and eating snacks like this we is doing pretty well...he loves these by the way :~)

Merrick Golden Years Senior Medley 5 star entrees for dogs $2.85 (I just want to say the paper on this can's label was not torn when I took it out of the looked nice and pretty...but this is The Dragon Slayer House and well, a toddler, a "baby kitty", a very large Maine coon kitty with an attitude and two dogs, one who thinks she is a human and a human princess at that...anything could happen.I honestly don't know which of the 5 of them did it.

RC  Pet Productions Water Wallet $12.00- This is a GREAT idea, seems like I am always looking for SOMETHING to let the dogs drink from when we are out and about..this is great, just put it in your console and you are good to go, it opens up to be a full sized collapsible water bowl...when you are done...just fold it back up....LOVE this... I think my pet owner friends will be seeing this at gift times!

All totaled the July WoofWagPlay box was valued at $ 47.64 which is a GREAT value... A 1 month subscription is $29, 3 month subscription is $26, and 6 month $23 PLUS you can take $5.00 your first box with the code , and links below.

Readers of The Dragon slayer MOMMY!!! will get $5.00 their first box with code "WWPBOX108" and  the website is here---> WoofWagPlay BOX (oh, and I know some of my box buddies like to know types of payment accepted, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and my friends who like Paypal here is a box for you)

****this was not a review box, I do purchase with my own money. All thoughts and opinions belong to be or the puppy princess... I am not sure if there is a referral  program but PLEASE say the dragon slayer sent you so I can earn some discounted boxes if they DO have a referral program......4 furry kids gets expensive to keep in treats and toys!****


  1. Aw. Look at your sweet doggy! Mine is too little to go through all the treats in a box in a month. I wish she could! I'd love to sign her up for goodies!! :D

  2. I LOVE this box, looks like one of the better pet boxes I've seen. With 3 dogs and a foster dog this would be awesome!

  3. I love this box! I definitely will be getting this for my puppy, it would make a wonderful birthday or christmas gift for him! :D

    - Sinister.Laura

  4. Hi there! I hope your pup enjoyed our Lobster Bisque treats!