Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Volupties box review (undies for curvy ladies...finally!!!)

A few weeks ago I contacted a company called volupties about doing a review when I became frustrated with the current choice of undies subscriptions not being for more curvy ladies (I am not big by any means, but I have some hips on me)  I wear an extra large because of my hips, so I went searching for a company that would "fit me" , I KNEW there had to be one... I just needed to find it... Volupties is a company made just for her "curvy" girls and they have a monthly panties package ...woohoo...finally some I can use myself and not give to my daughters!!

My volupties arrived in a a red poly mailer and was very discrete (in fact I had no clue what was in the bag , which is why I didn't take a picture of it to show you)
I was extra amused to see that my undies arrived in little drawstring bags (really very cute, although I hope I am not suposed to store them in there because well...I just toss mine into the drawer from the dryer I must admit) I do LOVE the little bags though, I have already started using them to keep various smaller items in (like samples from all these boxes... gonna be using the bags as much as the undies I think)

So, let's look at what I received....

Cacique intimates Cheeky undies $18.00 - these are adorable lace "cheeky"undies that are a white floral lace design, but with these adorable bright polka dots all over and trimmed in pink lace with a little blue bow the rear is even sewn "puckered" for a stay where you need it fit but still have that sexy "cheeky" look. 

a little closer detail of the lace (to show the floral lace under the bright polka dots as well as the trim)

Aerie Cutie booty printed boybrief  $7.50 (sale price)- this are my favorite pair in the package for this month a nice cotton/spandex mix that looks and feels good on... this is a full bottom design that has the "puckered" rear to make sure it stays put , but "looks good" too , if ya know what I mean... I really like the lace trim on the legs, just enough to make these "boybriefs" feminine and a bow to make you feel pretty.

Just a detail shot of the lace trim on the legs of the boybreifs above

Cacique string bikini $ 14.50- These are cute and fun... just like a string bikini panty should be

All totaled my volupties panties package was valued at $40.00, At the moment Volupties has their subscriptions priced at $12.00 a month...totally a great deal... it appears they used to be $17 a month and I don't know for how long you can lock in the $12.00 price so I suggest dong it NOW or as soon as you can to lock in that price. 
Ever month will have 3 pair of quality undies (again, did you see those brands I just showed you) your first order will ship to you with in one week of your order, after that they come towards the end of the month for your monthly subscription. Sizes are XL-3XL

want to get your own volupties (come on, you KNOW you are happy about some curvy girl panties!!) or just read more about it?

Click here----->Volupties

please let them know the Dragon slayer Mommy Sent you!

***this was provided free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own (although I do think other curvy ladies will agree with me) I received no compensation for my review***


  1. Such a great idea! Cute undies for plus size can be hard to find for a decent price.

  2. I subscribed to Volupties and I wanted to leave a comment about pricing since I had to go back-and-forth with their customer service when my second month was billed. The first month is promotionally priced at $12 but subsequent months are charged at $17/month. I don't think they are very clear about this on their website.