Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Mia Tempo box review PART 2 ( this is the actual box review)

Yesterday I introduced ya'll to a Cristina and her creation Mia Temp which is an organic spa inspired subscription box that is all about getting much needed "me time" for yourself because everyone deserves a little "me time"

In yesterday's post, I gave some history, the background story and an interview with the founder of this box of  monthly indulgence that you can feel good about on many levels.

If you happened to miss that post you can read it by clicking here

for everyone else I have kept you waiting long enough, lets get on with what was in my June Mia Tempo box, shall we....

As you can see this was a pretty good sized box, and trust me it was heavy!

the paper was originally wrapped MUCH prettier than this, in my excitement to see what was in this box I had been so looking forward to I forgot to take a picture before I opened the tissue paper (I remembered as soon as I opened the paper...quickly put it back as nicely as I could and took the picture) I actually love the chocolate and blue together (was my choice of nursery colors for Tuff Stuff) LOVE this I have to find some to use myself for gifts.

The first peek inside the box did't give away much, a pretty little bag with a hand written tag letting me know they were "free bonus items"and an envelope with unknown contents.lots of pretty blue shredded paper (my cats love this stuff...makes a mess, but the kitties do have a blast so it's all good!

this was the first of three "information type cards" in the envelope on top of the box, this one was a welcome to Mia Tempo card, explaining a little bit about how the boxes work every month and what the purpose of the box is "to relax, renew, revitalize, and invigorate" remember it is all about "Me time" this also reminds you that your box is all natural, organic,this one happens to be vegan  and made in the USA

the second card included in the envelope was the actual information card for the July Mia Tempo Box. On one side you get the typical type information on your box items and the theme "brighten your day the antioxidant way" the opposite side of the card lists the "treatment menu" remember this is a spa themed box... and the steps/ instructions for the main box items 

The final card in the envelope is perhaps the coolest one, it is a card that tells you who the featured Women's charity/ organization/foundation is for July as well as information about them. July is Women's Voices for the Earth.

OK, now let's move on to the goodies...

EcoTools six piece essential eye set (bamboo brushes) $7.98 on Amazon
seriously who doesn't need a new brush set? I am totally guilty of keeping them too long (and not cleaning them either) I was very happy to see this , I honestly don't know what "all six" of the different brushes are used for, but I will google it/youtube it and find out for sure... these boxes are going to teach me about makeup finally even if I am already 40... seriously, I suck at eye-shadow and could use some tips if anyone wants to throw some out there in the comments that would be AWESOME

I posted a picture of this little bag in my "sneak peek" many of you were trying to figure out what was in there? You will have to comment below and tell me if you got any right, and if not what you thought it was in the bag. For those who didn't know this was a bonus gift included with the box so not part of the normal box.... so ready to find out what is in the bag?

Recharge Sanitizing towelette $0.67  this is even antibacterial, in peppermint surge  ....putting this in my bag tonight,  honestly want to open it up and see what a peppermint surge antibacterial towelette smells like.

MyChelle minerals eye shimmer (champagne color) $10.99 (Amazon price)
this is a pretty earth toned , natural looking lightly shimmered eye shadow and I LOVE that it is a mineral eye shadow (I actually haven't used a stick mineral shadow before so this was a new experience for me... I will need to experiment with this a bit more I think (as I said above...eye-shadow is not my strength , but I am willing to learn new tips)

Tea Forte African Solstice $1.33- this is a cute little pyramid infuser herbal tea that is a blend of berries and red rooibos...this is set aside for the princess or my mom (both who love hot teas) I do occasionally drink hot tea, but from my understanding this is a VERY good tea, and I think it would be wasted on me, if that makes sense?

so now to the "box within the box"
this was packaged as a set, so I will give the price as a "set as I found online and the I will do a product break down below for each product (no prices since for review purposes this was bought as the set...although  I did do an individual price search...woooweee... the set was the way to go for sure!!!!

100% pure brightening skin care gift set  purity cosmetics $43.99 
see descriptions below

100% pure soft facial brush

100% pure brightening cleanser 1.5 oz- this has a great citrus smell and is kinda a foam (because of the pump) this is a great cleaner that removes the worst of heavy make up including mascara (I tested a really heavy one a week ago, this removed it with no problem) this is 100% natural and vegan as well. I actually do not have a "loved, must have  no matter what" organic face cleanser yet...lots I have liked, but not "the one" , I really like this one and think I will try it a bit longer (I mean hey, I have this whole bottle ya know) and see how it goes before I try the one I had planned on purchasing next.

100% pure brightening tonic 2 oz- the "treatment menu" said to  spray a light layer to face right after cleansing to lock in moisture with an "instant drink" for your skin... I don't know about all of that...BUT here in Texas it is over 100 degrees already and sometimes a girls needs a little spritz to feel "fresher" and this was PERFECT for that... I did do exactly as the treatment menu recommended as well for a week, but just saying I will likely be keeping this in my bag this summer as a refresher while outside...very light and refreshing citrus mist...I bet it would be super refreshing cold...hmmmm...I am thinking this is a summer staple

100% brightening scrub + mask- I was actually thrilled to see this in the collection, I do have a favorite brightening scrub at the moment that I use a few times a week....but it is not all natural or organic (and the rest of my skin care routine is) I have been looking for a natural one that will wow me with results...this one was pretty close actually (not as knock your socks off as my old fav, but since this one is actually organic and vegan I am thinking it will be replacing my previous brightening scrub as long as I keep seeing these results...finally an organic brightening scrub that I like...woohoo...) The treatment  menu says this is gentle enough to use every day, but I know my skin and I can't use a scrub of any kind every day so I used it 3 times a week just as I did my previous scrub)

100% pure night balm- a little goes a long way here...a tiny dab will do ya... this is applied at bedtime as your night cream... I haven't been using a night cream the last few months since I use my Rose Gold Luxe oil after I wash my face in the evenings and honestly have been happy with that result on it's own, I did use this for one week (and no Olio Luxe products during that time...we no Olio Luxe skincare products)... I think I will try adding this to my evening routine... I typically wash my face an hour or so before I actually go to sleep, but the last thing I do before I turn off the light is apply lip balm and lotion to my hands... perhaps I will add this might balm in at that point as well with my normal skin care routine and see how that works, I really do like this balm  so there has to be a way to incorporate it into my routine.

All totaled the value of the July Mia Tempo box was $64.96, the box is $39.95 a month (with discounts for multiple month subscriptions) so you defiantly get the "bang for your buck", but honestly I am pretty sure the entire purpsoe behind this box is to pamper yourself ...with products changing every month you basically are getting a new spa experience every month (I know I am always wanting to buy some of those items from the spa after a treatment, but they typically just are not affordable...and this totally is...even if you can't do every month, it is a nice "splurge box" a few times a year, or for gifts (I already know of a few people who will be getting this box for Christmas)

so you want to order this box of spa inspired goodies for yourself, or just find out more? click here----->Mia Tempo website, I do not think they have a referral program at this time, but as usual it never hurts if you could please let them know the dragon slayer mommy sent never know if I get another box, I just might be able to do that giveaway ya'll are emailing about already

Now I think everyone who reads this blog knows I am a die hard Olio Luxe skincare fanatic...will any of these items replace my Olio Luxe products...NO, but I do plan to add a few to my normal routine and see how it goes.... and the brightening tonic I am just re-purposing as a refreshing spray for Texas heat, the scrub just might replace vasanti brighten up though since it is not organic though...

over all I am super happy with this box, I found some great products, and really did enjoy the pampering aspect of going through the ritual and tried to really "get into the spirit of it"

So... what do ya'll think of the Mia Tempo Box?

you now have the background of the company, know a bit about the founder , how the products are selected, what the founder hopes for in the future for Mia temp and got to see the July box ... come on , let's get some comments and tell me what you think...

*** oh and don't be thinking this is the last you have seen of Mia tempo here on The Dragon Slayer Mommy because I have more to come***

***this box was provided  complimentary to the dragon slayer mommy for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and no compensation was received for this review***


  1. That box looks AMAZING! What's the monthly price?

    1. the boxes are $39.95 on a month to month basic (lower if you purchase a multiple month package upfront)

  2. I am so tempted to try this box. Other than snack boxes, I'm still trying to find that perfect box just for me..since my kids get quite a few. Haha. :) Will you be getting a box for yourself? I'd love to see another review! Great interview, by the way. Very informative!

  3. I can think of a few people this would make a great gift for too. I also love that they have a charity of the month as well as sending you products each month and what agreat selection!