Monday, July 22, 2013

July Healthy Surprise Box plus discount code

My June Healthy Surprise box actually arrived a couple weeks ago, but we have been busy sampling all the goodies in the box and I am just now getting around to my review.

For those of you who don't know Healthy Surprise is a snack box that is all organic, natural,gluten free, soy free and vegan. I think they are also considering a Paleo box in the future from what I understand.

I had originally ran across Healthy Surprise a few months ago , although a little more expensive than most of my snack boxes we didn't mind the extra cost because this box had so much more in it than any of the others and was well worth the money ... 

I was then approached by Healthy Surprise about their brand ambassador program... well geeze...yea, since I already was a subscriber I KNEW that I loved this box and how great it was... I would be happy to accept on for a review box  (I was already reviewing the boxes I was paying for anyway) so to be clear... I DO subscribe to this box and pay for it myself, but THIS particular box that I am reviewing in this review was provided to me as a review box at no charge.

This was my first look into the July Healthy Surprise box (I saw some familiar brands that made me pretty happy)

SeaSnax chiptole flavor $ 1.49 - I think at this point my thoughts on seaweed is well enough known that you know I didn't try this myself... my daughter did I believe...I know she liked the seaweed snack she had at her last visit home...

Happy Hemp toasted hemp seeds $3.34- I was actually happy to see these, I haven't eaten hemp seeds before and have been anxious to try them...they didn't disappoint...crunchy,a little salty and packed full of protein! Eat them as a snack, add to recipes or throw on top of a salad...they are great just about anyway  you try them.

Beanfield's bean and rice chips (nacho flavor) $1.21- We often see this brand of snacks in our box...we have learned to look forward to them. This was the first time we received this flavor and the way my Tuff Stuff inhaled the bag (with daddy's help I think) it must have been really good.

California Snax kale italian -$7.50 (I actually can not find these anywhere to get a price, I went with this price as it seemed the average price for comparable items on amazon or whole foods) The Princess LOVED these snacks.

Smooch (adult food pouches) mango,pineapple,& bannanna- $1.99- These new pureed food pouches for adults have become quite popular, are available in various flavors and showing up in many of my boxes recently.

Matt's Munchies Mango Acai fruit snacks $2.42- these were unusual little fruit snacks because of the shape but they were delicious (the munchkin did allow mommy a couple of bites)

Olomomo mango ginger zinger almonds $2.75- OMG, these were amazing... spicy but not too spicy just perfect little snacks...and all mine!

Rawma bar (sesame mango) $1.80- I was very excited to see this... it was one of the first things I wanted to tear into... I was let down... I didn't like this, I will try a few more flavors from this brand though... I think it was the flavor combination of mango and sesame seeds I didn't like... I mean really did't like...but Miss Libby loved it!

Miracle Reds (fresh berri-berri) bar $2.32- this is a favorite in our house... it didn't last very long once Tuff Stuff saw we had it... he loves these things (to him it is like a candy bar)

Oskri Gluten Free Dates and Walnut Bar $2.41- This was unbelievably amazing, I want more of these...lots more

Righteously Raw bite size chocolate in synergy spice, pure dark, and divine mint $3.38- organic, vegan, gluten free, no refined sugar, and a minimum of 80% raw cacao( just the way I like it..the pure dark is 83% ...WOW ans YUM)

All totaled the July Healthy Surprise box was valued at $ 30.61, just shy of the $33 a month price tag (and I did use sale prices and Amazon prices instead of suggested retail value) This is one of our favorite boxes every month and I always look forward to getting it because I can just put all of these snacks in the "snack bowl" and let Tuff Stuff pick his own snack without fear (except for the spicy stuff) 

To sign up, check out the boxes (there are two other size boxes as well, this is the "starter box") you can click HERE 

Use code "READLABEL" for $10.00 off your first box!

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