Thursday, July 18, 2013

July gfreely box review

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a gfreely box for review purposes, I have really been wanting to try this gluten free box so I was super excited to get this offer! I have had this on my list of gluten free boxes to try, but just hadn't gotten to it yet... boy was I missing out...I love the variety of box option for gluten free lifestyles and I have discovered how much I can still enjoy food and be gluten free (most of the time). I am very excited to have the chance to review this for ya'll... 

My inflammation isn't as bad when I am gluten free (I don't been I am "puffy" kind of either get that statement or you don't (some days it's the difference between typing these reviews or having to wait until my hands work again) So considering that, I am really embracing this gluten free diet (most of the time) because I FEEL so much better and quite frankly, it's pretty tasty! I fought the "gluten free suggestions" for years when it came to helping with the autoimmune arthritis aspect of my Dr's had told me that it "might" help, but it wasn't going to make me not disabled, not chronically ill or "make me  better" so despite everything I read and all of my "spoonie" friends telling me I WOULD feel better, I was reluctant to try gluten free... I am an honest girl... I like, no ... I LOVE food... so I didn't want to give up taste to be gluten free... I worried for no reason at all... just look at what all is in this box (as well as other boxes I have reviewed in the past that are gluten free...boxes are GREAT ways to learn about a new "eating lifestyle")

My first peek into the highly anticipated box (with the paper in the way)

OK, now the REAL first look... right off the bat I was happy.... I was wanting to tear into that Bumble bar right then (never had one before, but it just "sounded" good...know what I mean?)

Bumble Bar organic energy bar Junior Size (Amazing Almond) 0.92 cents- considering this is a "Junior Size" bar it is actually pretty good sized (as in the size of most bars that are regular sized) Nutty, Chewy, Sesame and almond bits... yumm.....

Sheffa Savory Bar (everything) $1.39. Consider this a crunchy healthy, gluten free version of your favorite everything bagel, which happens to be my favorite type of bagel so I am a pretty happy girl to have found this bar!

Justin's all natural Peanut Milk Chocolate candy bar $2.27-  So this is basically a snicker's bar that is healthy, organic and pretty good for you  (packed with protein and way less bad stuff) ... I am not a very bif fan of regular snickers in the first place .... this is ...OK, not fantastic as in better than a snicker's bar would be to a snicker's addict...but not bad either... they do have a dark chocolate version (this one was milk chocolate) and they have an almond one that I bet I would fall in love with (Almond candy bars...oh, yes... I need an organic gluten free version please)

Kay's naturals protein pretzel sticks (cinnamon toast flavor) $1.67- Hubby and I both were just not thinking this was a "good idea" before we even tried it... the cinnamon toast pretzel just didn't scream "eat me" for us... we tasted them, and we were right... we didn't like them (but we like our pretzels salty, not sweet) these seemed a little chalky (perhaps from the protein powder?) anyways...fear not, they did not go to waste... Tuff Stuff liked them... a LOT it seems, in fact he wanted more....and you KNOW that I only had that one bag.... my little munchkin has eaten organic, gluten free and mostly vegan snacks his entire life...he just thinks it's normal so he is always happy with them

Kathie's Kitchen Super seedz  gourmet shelled pumpkin seedz(coco Joe flavor) $1.01
I have tried this brand many times, in several varieties, although never in this one (I had never seen it before actually) I am not sure about chocolate sunflower seeds...but I am going to try them on some yogurt in the morning and see what I think (I had forgotten about them until I started typing this review..

Gallo Lea Gluten Free Pizza Kit $8.49- This pizza kit was a total surprise...again, didn't think I could get a gluten free pizza kit (much less one in my gfreely box) Hubby was VERY happy to see this kit... it includes everything needed to make a 12" pizza other than the water for the crust mix, and your choice of toppings (for me that would be spinach, artichokes,tomato, red onion and feta) this is defiantly something I would buy again.

Nuts Around the World Sweet Cardamom Almonds $7.99- these are delicious. they are organic , made in Oregon, but are a Swedish favorite evidently...and they are ADDICTIVE.... I keep saying these things are too expensive to just tear into them like I really want I am savoring them a few at a time when I am working on the blog... I will be needing to buy more of these!

Kathie's Kitchen Super Seedz, gourmet shelled pumpkin seedz (sea salt flavor) $1.01- these are my favorite flavor from this brand (and I was happy to see that these were included as well as the chocolate ones above) these are great by the handful, sprinkled in salads, or used in recipes.... super yummy and I use them for all kinds of things.

Matcha Zen Cafe' blend $1.48-  This is a Japanese green tea "on the go " packet that can be used to even make a green tea "latte", smoothie, hot green tea kinda like a cappuccino, or an iced version like a frappe'... I am a coffee girl... I do like tea, but this seems like a "really good tea" type things which means this is put aside for the princess (who is a tea fanatic, and can appreciate good tea drinks on a level I never will)

All totaled my gfreely box was valued at $26.23. The gfreely boxes are $20 plus $5 shipping a month for month to month and prices drop , $20 a month with $3.00 shipping for 3 month subscription all the way down to $19 a month (and free shipping) for a 6 month plan... no matter which way you go (monthly, 3 months, or 6 months) you are getting your money's worth with this box AND you get to discover some new gluten free items and brands as well (the only things I had had before were the sea salt sunflower seeds....everything else was a new discovery) 

If you want to order a gfreely box for yourself (or gift it to someone who is gluten free) , just click here (please put the dragon slayer mommy) in the section where it asks how you heard about them..., ok link is here----->gfreely website

***this box was received free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I received no compensation for my review***