Friday, July 12, 2013

July Cotton Booty (for girls)

I recently was given an opportunity to review a month of Cotton Booty which I was actually really, really excited about since I have never used cloth diapers (I will admit I was afraid of them... then again a couple of my kids were 20 plus years ago and cloth diapers WERE scary back then) 

I chose a girls package for my newest  "niece" Miss Lilly (actually 2nd cousin, but you know how that goes) I fell inlove with this monthly package and if my son was not in the potty training stage I would actually consider switching him...

but let me tell you more about Cotton Booty the box before we get into the details of my package of goodies, since this is a newer service I am sure many of you don't know about them yet....

So Cotton Booty is part of Milk & Honey kids (still a small business, but they do a couple different specialty areas within the small online shop it's self) I was very surprised at what all was offered on the milk and honey website (seriously think I may need to do a later post about this and go more in depth with some of the other services and boxes offered...I really need to go back and buy a couple of books )
today we are focusing just on the Cotton Booty portion of this adorable new company and what this monthly package is all about it cloth diapers.... you pick boy or girl and you will receive one name brand and super cute cloth diaper, a "fun item" that changes monthly and samples of related items for mom or baby for $24.99 a month (and for those who don't do cloth diapering that is really a bargain!!!)

so let's look at this box... I will admit having never done cloth diapers I had NO IDEA what to expect, but I knew that this was an option for Miss Lilly and "aunt Kimmi" needed to check it out for her!


The "info card" included is a very informative sheet of paper (it was not this kitten thought it was a "killer piece of paper and felt the need to protect me by attacking it before it could harm his mommy)

first up is obviously the cloth diaper it's self...this is a bumkin's reusable stuff it diaper $ 14.95 (Amazon price) this is a "one size fits all" diaper that grows with your baby so it's an investment piece really (see I didn't know that about these cute cloth diapers , what I knew of cloth diapers  from when my girls were little  was the ones I used as burp rags
...and with Tuff Stuff we didn't bring him home until he was almost 7 months old so things like cloth vs. disposable, formula vs breast, bottle brand, all of that was really already decided by the time we brought him home since we tried to keep him using items he was already used to make a smooth transition, so I honestly never even researched this stuff... but now  wish I would have 

this is another picture that shows not only how cute this little diaper is but how it "grows with your baby"

I know I am taking a few pictures of this adorable little diaper, but really I was surprised at how cute, and not at all like I was expecting a "cloth diaper" to look like OR feel like....

I REALLY like this, I wonder if Tuff Stuff would accept a few of these? we are postponing potty training for awhile because I don't think he is ready (he is only 25 months) we seemed tramatic so we will I am thinking I would like to try it possible to switch this late in the game? Does anyone kow? he has such sensitive skin and so many allergies this would likely cut down on his rashes to....hmmm....someone comment and let me know if a change is possible at this stage and how on earth to go about doing it and what I would need to do/get

Bumkins Zippered Wet Bag - Dr. Seuss 1 fish 2 fish $10.95 - this wet/dry bag is perfect for those "used" cloth diapers, wet swimsuits , or dirty clothes when on the go 

this was out "fun item" and honestly, I was already thinking of ordering one of these when it was an add on option for Citrus lane for swim suits or just to keep in the diaper bag for when he has accidents and needs  his clothes changed.  (can't remember if that was this month or last month but it WAS an add on option) so I was already looking in to can't go wrong with Dr Seuss...and 1 fish 2 fish...well , it's kinda a family thing (we all have PJs in this them...mine are even "footies", so are Tuff Stuff's everyone else just has PJ bottoms...this just happened to be a prefect fit for us)

Milky! by Tia & Tamera $2.99 - this full size "sample" is an all natural supplement that you drink two bottles a day of this and it increases your breast mil production.....

All totaled My cotton booty box was worth $28.89-  the cost of the box is $24.99 so the value is there, plus they find all the cute things for you... Seriously this box is just too dang cute.... and I think for anyone who uses cloth diapers this would be perfect!

If you want to order a cotton booty for yourself or their "kid stash" box for toddlers and  preschoolers  (I am totally thinking Tuff Stuff needs a Kid Stash Box...but that is another post for another day)

Click here for their website and be sure and tell the the Dragon Slayer Mommy sent you!!! -----Cotton Booty and Kid Stash boxes webpage

***this box was received at no charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not in any way compensated for my review, this post may contain affiliate links)***