Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Citrus Lane

July Citrus Lane Box, was really "spot on" for us...we aged up abut 7 months (from 26 months to 33 months to get "older items" since we get so many boxes I decided to age up when I could.

First peek into the box... I was pleased...very pleased!

Cool It Buddy  instant cool packs $2.99 (2 pack) perfect for any type of "owie" these just make everything better!

Babytime! by Episencial Mighty Shield Bug guard 3.4oz $11.99

Goodbyn Bynto (large) $9.50 - My little guy isn't in school yet..nor do we really do play dates other than with family because of my I think this just going to have to be his "super cool" lunch plate for when he eats at his little table instead of his high chair.

Sticker to go with the above for my little guy to create all he wants, dishwasher safe...

Postagram from Sincerely, INC- $10.00 for 10 post cards... I like this idea, and if I actually do it then it will be awesome (and I know his biological parents would LOVE them as well as their I have to find the time to do this!)

Melissa & Doug Lace And Trace Shapes $9.99- We actually already have very similar ones from M&D that were gifts at his B day party a month or so ago... he is still getting the hang of it... I don't think he will be ready to more on to a more complicated one just yet....but good thing about again up, just put it up for Christmas.

all totaled the value on the July Citrus lane Box is $ , which is great considering the box is only $25.00. Get your today at  click here for Citrus Lane Website this link will take $10.00 off your first box or you can try "TAKEHALK" which should take $12.50 off your total as well (not sure if it is still working...but worth trying for sure!