Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Ambition Box Review

Ambition is still a relatively new subscription box company, I believe they launched at the end of April. I was on the waiting list "pre launch" so I have received all the boxes to this point (you can see them here ,JuneMay) The Monthly Cost for Ambition Box is $15.00 a month, less expensive for longer subscriptions...and now they have the new ambition rep program as well...but that's another topic all together)

As I mentioned in the interview I did with the owners of Ambition box yesterday (see HERE) They have kinda decided to change the way subscription boxes are they are marketed, and as they said not thinking outside the box, but knocking the box over... I am not sure how this will work for them, but I am sure that the market is ready for this and they will be the only ones doing it so I do think they are on to something... You can find out more on the Beta Testing for their Ambition reps by contacting them directly via email @

Although I have always been a paid subscriber, the ladies at Ambition Box kindly offered to send my July box free of charge as well as donate some items (including an Ambition Box) for giveaways this month... FIVE in total.

I have been told the Ambition box that I am giving away is different than the one I will be reviewing and that is all I know about that particular giveaway item :)

OK, on to this month's box...

Waxelene Sample $1.50, I have heard many great things abut waxelene, and I am looking forward to trying it out. My son has bady diaper rashes often (very sensitive skin which is why everything in the house for him is all natural now) , also it's good for eczema which the princess does have as although this is just a sample, it's one I will happily use

LaLaBlue Spearmint Lime soap- I actualy could not find this online, but I get a pretty fair amount of soaps these days and basedon the values of the others I get this size I will say it is valued about $4.25

This is the front cover to the soap... I just thought is was cute : conserve water shower with a friend" I wish I had this slogan like in college to hang on the wall or something :)

Purely Pro Cosmetics under cover liquid concealer- $28.00- everyone needs a good concealer, right? as well as a few spare...never want to run out of this essential... I was thrilled to see this in my box, unfortunately it was a tad bit dark for me (I am very very pale because my meds make me avoid sun exposure...SPF 100 anyone?) BUT... it worked for the Princess and she took off with and was happy to do so (when the girls go through "mommy's box items, it's like going shopping...for those of you with girls....just wait until they are older...I have been sharing makeup, clothes and shoes since the oldest was 13 ...she is now 22 and I have to fight to keep what I want )

Nailtiques set $20.00 this includes a clear formula 2 nail protein and a pink polish (I do love my bright pink polishes)  The formula 2 is said to strengthen nails pretty quickly so I am gonna remove my polish tonight and try this out (my meds made my nails peel,crack and split) hopefully in time for my sisters wedding my nails will be a bit stronger. I am super happy to see this, although I DO have several bright pink polishes...none are EXACTLY this shade of pink (and well, y'all a  pink polish is more than just a pink polish) plus I really NEEDED this formula 2 stuff and kept thinking I needed to look into finding a brand I wanted to try...Thank You Ambition Box for taking care of that for me.

This is a super cute, blinged out ID holder (like for work or school),$5.99  Obviously I don't work anymore, but I would totally have worn this when I did...I will be passing this on to the Princess for school or to a friend who still works at the hospital... seriously trust me when I say once one nurse wears one of these they catch on like wild fire and then everyone has one...

All totaled my July Ambition Box was valued at $ 59.74 , which is well above the $15.00 cost of this box... I have been saying it for months but seriously ya' do want to subscribe to this box... the value is there (just look at my June box which was just me as a "normal subscriber, not as a blogger and had a value over $95)

my referral code is "AB5647" , click here ----;Ambition WebSite. They do accept paypal as well as credit cards


  1. If you find that soap combination let me know... lime spearmint sounds heavenly :)

  2. Wow! This is a really wonderful box! I'll have to try it sometime, thank you for sharing such a great review of it.

    - Laura