Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Introducing the Mia Tempo Box ( a sneak peek at tomorrow's box review and an interview with Mia Tempo's founder)

I think I mentioned that I was going to be receiving a Mia Temp box to review a few weeks ago... This is the one box that I was packing and waiting for my mail man to show up with (well, besides the Warrior Poet shirt I order for Tuff Stuff and my mail order medications)

Mia Tempo is a spa box, which is pretty awesome in it's self, but it is also all natural which makes it exactly what I personally have been looking for.

I heard about Mia Tempo, but really couldn't find any reviews of this box so I contacted them and started asking questions, one thing lead to another and I received a complimentary box to review....which I  am SUPER excited about, but during the emailing between me and the owner (Christina) and about 2 weeks of emails I decided to go about doing this review in a way that not only had I never done before, but in a way that I had never really seen done for a box review...

I decided to do an interview with the owner because really, too much abut this box intrigued me, as I have already said I couldn't find actual box reviews so I contacted them myself ... the more I found out the more I wanted to know.I am inquisitive by nature and if I want to know something you can bet I am going to find the information I am looking for.... as I was emailing back and forth with Christina (founder of Mia Tempo) I realized that although I have researched most of my monthly boxes, I don't know the back story on how or WHY they were created in the first place and usually the stories on this are pretty interesting and really , I find I personally connect more to something if I know the story behind it...if I find that you my readers like this type of interview/box review then perhaps I will do it again with some other small companies... I already have several in mind...

so the way THIS box review is going to work is  like this..... today I will do a preview of the box and the interview and then tomorrow I will post the actual box and box review... I hope ya'll enjoy this type of review/interview. I know it is not "normal" and could really blow up in my face, but I am passionate about so many aspects of what this box company is about (all natural, organic, chemical free, a small indie company (which ya'll KNOW that I love to support small business), women owned, and not only do they support various women's charities and organizations they highlight one each month in their box)

As someone who is TRYING to eliminate as much chemicals from our home as possible, and add more natural and organic products to every aspect of our lives this box seems like a perfect match for me...when you add the skin sensitivity I have (thanks to medications), my son's skin sensitivity (sometimes just rubbing against my hubby or I can cause a reaction if we have something he is allergic to on our clothes/bodies) Plus one of my daughters also has sensitive skin and wears no makeup, but she does need a healthy skin care routine and this is also perfect for someone like her.

So here goes nothing.....

The below interview is a conversation via email between Mia Temp founder Christina and I that took place on the 18th of June (I hope ya'll enjoy)

Me: How do you determine which organic and all-natural products to use?
Mia Tempo: Well the first thing I do – and it might be sort of quaint – but I always ask myself if it is a product that I would be excited to use.  If it isn’t, I figure that a lot of other people won’t feel good about using it either.
While there are a lot of variables that go into determining which products we feature, our decisions are based on quality, performance, and value for the money.  We also try whenever possible to work with brands that manufacture their products in America and give back to their communities and/or charitable causes.  And if it is a product made by a woman-owned business, even better!
One of the services we are committed to offering our subscribers is to help identify the best all-natural and organic skin care and beauty products.  This involves hours of research and more hours of vetting the products to ensure they are what they claim to be.
Unfortunately, there are more than a few companies that claim to be all-natural but the products are actually filled with preservatives, harsh chemicals, and even synthetic ingredients.  In the past, we have even gone as far as having companies custom mix their products for Mia Tempo when we found they used a dye we weren’t crazy about.

Me: With so many companies focusing on organic and  all-natural as the new focus market and Mia Tempo being a "spa type" box offering busy mom's some "me time" what do you think is the potential growth for MiaTempo?
Mia tempo: The organic skin care and spa market is in many ways still getting going.  It’s funny - although organic foods have been gaining in popularity for a while many people are beginning to learn about the consequences of what you put on your body in addition to what you put in your body.
My hopes is that Mia Tempo can be a small part of educating women about the benefits of using skin care and beauty products without harsh chemicals, preservatives or synthetic substances.  Hopefully, it we are able to spread the word then we’ll be able to grow and support more women and more causes.
When I started Mia Tempo, it was mainly for the reason that I wanted to help empower and inspire women to be their best.  I know for me, whenever I can carve out a little time for myself I feel as if I’m able to be a better person, Mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur – whatever!  I felt that if I could give women a reason (or an excuse!) to enjoy a little ‘Me Time’ that maybe they would feel a little better too. 
Me: Will there be an opportunity in the future to purchase the products we receive in our boxes if we find items we absolutely love?
Mia Tempo: One of the most common request we get from subscribers is “Where can I buy some more of the products I received this month?”  In order to accommodate the requests, in the 4th quarter of this year we are going to expand our offering to include the resale of popular products.
In addition, we will also begin to offer our most popular treatments for purchase (or as a gift!) on demand – not just as a subscription.  Our goal is to make it easier for women to enjoy a little ‘Me Time’ – anytime!

Me: I know that your daughter is the reason behind your searching out all natural items to use in your home. My son has very extreme sensitivities and allergies as well and with my auto immune condition I tend to shy away from chemical laden items myself, but what would you say to the "average mom" who doesn't need to look for organic or natural to persuade them to try Mia Tempo for themselves?
Mia tempo: I would answer that in two ways:  The first is that even if you aren’t sensitive to skin care products or have allergies, you can still realize a lot of benefits when you use products that are crafted from all-natural and organic ingredients.  Many women who use the products we feature exclaim how much better they perform and feel.

The other is that – in addition to the benefits of using organic products – what we are really trying to do is help women find a little time for themselves.  We put a lot of time and effort into coming up with treatments that are relevant to women’s lives and situations.  While we love sample boxes made up of random products, we pride ourselves on coming up with themed treatments women can use at home to look and feel better.  Each month, our goal is to come up with a treatment where the products all work together to produce amazing results (and a good excuse for some ‘Me Time!’)

Me: How has Mia Tempo contributed to women's interests/charities and how will that relationship grow as MiaTemp grows, if at all?
Mia Tempo: In addition to helping women get a little time to themselves, I started Mia Tempo because I really wanted to give back to causes that help empower and inspire women.  Each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations that strive to be a positive force in women’s lives.

To date, we have supported Dress For Success (www.dressforsuccess.org ), Breast Cancer Connections (www.bcconnections.org ), Abby’s Closet (www.abbyscloset.org ), Vital Voices (www.vitalvoices.org ), and Girls Inc. (www.girlsincnworegon.org )  I’ve also been in contact with some of the leaders of these charities and we are discussing ways to provide an avenue for the Mia Tempo community of subscribers to help out as well.  It always touches my heart to hear how many of our subscribers are looking for ways to volunteer and get involved.
Going forward, I would love to grow to a size where we can set up our own foundation to help women everywhere – but for now we are really happy to be helping out some wonderful organizations!

well ya'll... I sincerely hope ya'll enjoyed this interview and official introduction of Mia Tempo here on the Dragon Slayer MOMMY... you KNOW you want to know WHAT was in the box.... tomorrow,  I promise I will post the actual box review tomorrow...but here are a couple of pictures...LOTS more than just this.... this was a FULL box

this was just a little added bonus bag of goodies in addition to the really incredible box

I think we all know what this is, and I am sure many of us need one... LOVE the facial brush!

Check back tomorrow for the entire box and review!!!



  1. You have me on the edge of my seat .... cant wait to see the rest !!!

  2. I actually loved this review. I think an interview like this would make me /more/ interested in a company and its products. So, now I am certainly curious about what kind of box Mia Tempo has to offer! It's nice that the owner of a business can take time to respond to questions with depth, when I am sure they are so busy. Especially when so many new companies seem too busy and can only offer programmed responses or delayed answers to customers! Great interview, and I look forward to your box review!! :)

  3. This was a real awesome way to learn a little more about the company of which your getting the product from. Overall I think that most people really like to hear from the owners it helps us connect and understand them. I am excited to read the actual review this would be a wonderful box I am sure!


  4. I think its great that she took the time to answer questions. I look foward to the rest of the review!!