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Woof Wag Play box - new organic subscription box for dogs!!!(and discount code)

One of the boxes that arrived during our mini vacation was the Woof Wag Play Box, I was really hoping this one would show up before we left because I was so excited to see it and let Romeo and Libby have a few extra goodies since I was leaving them wit the girls for a few days.

Woof Wag Play is a brand new monthly subscription box for dogs that uses is all natural, organic treats, environmentally friendly toys, and uses part of the profits to help fund health care for doggies  in need... you know I was all over this one!!!
Woof Wag Play was kind enough to send Romeo and Libby a box for review purposes and this mommy was super excited to get a chance to be among the first to see this box. Miss Libby has already decided this box is a keeper so you will be seeing more of these reviews in the future I am sure because well, Miss Libby is a spoiled puppy princess who gets her way most of the time because I am wrapped around her big ol' paw.

The first thing you will notice about Woof Wag Play is unlike other pet boxes you fill out a pretty detailed questionnaire about your dog(s) that you are sent via email shortly after signing up. Each box is customized for your furry babies and how you answered the profile (what is their size, toy habits, chewing habits, age, treat preference things like that) so what I got may not be what someone else gets and that's a good 3 yr old super hyper tug a war loving boxer would not be as happy with a box designed for an elderly  blue heeler who wants to play fetch, or even my mom  & dad's beloved imperial shih tzu  whose whole body  is smaller than either one of my dog's heads.

this was my very first look at the box, I just love the tissue paper with paw prints. I keep telling myself I need to look for this tissue paper for gifts and I always forget.... I need to figure out how to use those sticky note things on my computer I guess...

So this is what the REAL first look (minus the cute tissue paper and the cards with adorable pups on it)  I was pretty happy right away as I saw a brand Mr Romeo is already familiar with as well as lots of new and interesting things...

Rescue...your dirty dog organic  shampoo by JB Ranch Ohio $14.99

This is an oatmeal shampoo with lavender that smells great,( and as we all know by now Miss Libby needs lavender because she has a "bit " of an anxiety problem, but  this brand also donates 10% profits to Animal shelters from all products from their Rescue line...that's in addition to what the Woof Wag Play box is donating to animal medical needs charities. I kinda got lost on the JB ranch Etsy page for awhile , this shampoo is made from scratch which I have never even considered when buying for my pampered babies. This looks like it will be a great shampoo for Miss Libby who has dry, sensitive skin and lots of allergy problems. I also liked that they noted not to use it on cats (I do bathe my cats so that is good to know)

oh boy ya'll, I just realized how much I have written so KNOW I like a box when just one item is reviewed and I have already written so much ;)

Max & Ruffy's Natural Organic Treats for Dogs (tree of life: coconut, molasses & Flax flavor) $9.99
I had "heard of this brand" , but we have never tried them. These doggy yummies are made from human grade ingredients, all natural, organic and vegan...these are even grain free (nope, I didn't try one myself...yet...) Miss Libby wasn't sure about this one at first but once Romeo gobbled his up she did her dainty nibble and decided it was GOOD, carried it off to her "eating spot"...yes I know she is neurotic...., finished it up and came back and is staring at me while whimpering her low pitched hum... she isn't going to stop until she gets more. Evidently "we" like these a great deal.

Distinctive Dog all natural treats chicken pot pie flavor $7.99
These little yummies are a new brand for us as well, they are all natural, containing no  gluten,wheat,corn or soy...all natural, human grade ingredients. We actually haven't opened this box yet (they have an abundance of treats at the moment...kinda like me and lip balm) I am thinking Romeo will love this one though.

Moochews Durable Tug of War toys for dogs $15.00
OMG!!!! I love, love , love this toy...oh, and Miss Libby is pretty thrilled as well since mommy can play tug of war with her again!!! First off while I am so excited about it let me explain that this has a padded rubber hoop handle on it and it's a tug of war toy... I know some of you only read the box part of my blog and don't realize I am disabled...but OMG... my hands are not really very user friendly most days, the joints are always swollen and painful and starting to twist... I can't grasp things anymore so unfortunately even though  tug of war is Miss Libby's FAVORITE game, mommy hasn't been able to play for a year or so...although everyone else plays tug with her (even Tuff Stuff...she pulls gently for him) BUT...I tried this and I CAN PLAY WITH MY PUPPY PRINCESS AGAIN!!! Obviously, not for a long period of time...and it does still hurt some but hey... I am playing with my baby girl again and she is so happy she even peed a little because mommy could play wit her!!! (yea, I know the peeing part isn't so good...but shows how excited she was) I am telling everyone in my support group about this (and we are some dog lovin' people since many of us have service dogs as well)...I am still waiting for my match) OP, so about the company...
Moochews are made from recycled rubber tubes from a cow milking machine...even though they have all cleaned up they still smell like cows to a dog's nose so it's really enticing for them...(we have cows out here so my dogs see/smell them everyday but that's cool for a city dog I think... I really like the reusing the tubes from the milking machine though... who comes up with these ideas...awesome!!!)  Something to remember though these are NOT chew toys, you need to supervise your babies  this runbber is soft and will tear off if they are extreme chewers like my little girl (Romeo not so much) the company is very upfront about that warning..but hey, they are INTERACTIVE toys which means you are involved in the playtime and hopefully are supervising your puppies anyways...take it from me, I wasn't able to "play" with my babies for a long time and you will miss it, so enjoy that time bonding with your furry kids...I am so happy to have found this toy... I know it's silly but it made my week (and I have actually gotten some pretty cool stuff this week so that is saying a lot)!!!

Earth Rated poop bags and dispenser $1.99
I know most people are really happy to see these in their boxes, we have a HUGE backyard (about half an acre) so we don't really have to "walk " the dog and pick up after them. I do like to have a package or two on hand for car trips, trips to town, or walks (they never "go" on the walk though)  For someone who lives in the city or travels wit their pets a lot this would be great...we just live in the country so it's not often needed.

Lucky Dogs Bakery-Lucky's peanut butter cookies (the "original LUCKYPACK for dog on the go (2 bags)  $3.50
Ok, so Sir Romeo Love already loves these things and when I saw them the second I opened the box I KNEW Romeo was gonna be a very happy old man! Miss Libby is not allowed to have these treats, these are just for Romeo (he doesn't get much to himself these days...he's a old man he deserves all the peanut butter cookies... If you haven't bought anything from Luckydogs bakery yet...get them, your doggy will love you for it!

Bare Bites 100% all natural dried beef liver 2 oz $5.99
This is a winner in our house!!! Not only do the dogs give it two paws up, but so do all the kitties (and THAT is impressive, two of my kitties are SUPER picky) I am thinking we will have to start buying these in the larger bags... I do hope shipping is free or they have a frequent buyer program for their little Etsy shop... all 6 of the furry kids love this stuff...YES, I just said 6 furry kids (see why I need the BIG bag)

Charity Paw of the month
5% of profits from the box goto help THIS dog (this month anyway) his name is Kujo and he needs surgery for his cataracts so he can see the world the way other puppy babies do...he is an 8 month old Dobie at doberman rescue of Ontario (if anyone is feeling generous and wants to donate to help him out) Isn't he gorgeous? 

All totaled the value of my first WoofWagPlay box was $59.45, the cost of this box for one month is $29.00 a month (for month to month), $26 a month for a 3 month membership, and $22 a month for a 6 month membership so you are getting a GREAT value (like double what you are paying) PLUS the box donates each month to help a dog in need of medical procedures prior to adoption. I LOVE that everything is all natural, organic and eco friendly...this is just a GREAT box.

reader of The Dragon slayer MOMMY!!! will get $5.00 their first box with code "WWPBOX108" and  the website is here---> WoofWagPlay BOX (oh, and I know some of my box buddies like to know types of payment accepted, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and my friends who like Paypal here is a box for you)

****this box was provided for review purposes, all opinions are though are my own and no compensation was received, I am not sure if there is a referral  program but PLEASE say the dragonslayer sent you so I can earn some discounted boxes...4 furry kids gets expensive to keep in treats****

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