What is up with the USPS losing my boxes all of a sudden???

Friday, June 7, 2013

I have missing boxes...oh, NO!!!!!

so my homegrown collective got lost in California and never arrived (should have been here on the first) and my Blissmo box was returned to the warehouse for some reason 6 days ago and I never was updated by Blissmo...I WILL SAY that Mitchell @ the homegrown collective has updated me every step of the way with that lost box....between the two boxes I am "out" about $83.00 in boxes that should have arrived last week....I have no doubt that the homegrown collective will fix this and make it right, but Blissmo never even told me that my box was returned to the warehouse.... plus I really wanted those boxes...

Plus, I had shipped a package to a lady that purchased something from me and THAT package never showed up and tracking hasn't updated in over a week (I refunded her money immediately)

I know these things "sometimes" happen with the postal service and it can occasional be expected when dealing with as many packages a month as I receive...but THREE of them in ONE WEEK two of which were coming to me and one that I shipped out...and they "went missing" in three different states....

very bizarre...very bizarre...

I just want my boxes... so please Mr Mailman FIND my boxes...

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