Thursday, June 6, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writer's Challenge day 26 (a pain free day)

Today’s Prompt:
  • What’s a day that you wish you could have used a pain-free pass (either in the future or the past)?  How would being pain or worry-free impact that day?

What days to I wish I could have a pain free pass...well my son's adoption day comes to mind.. I was so stressed out leading up to the adoption that something might go wrong, then I was up until around 3 AM  the night before baking and cooking for adoption celebration....I absolutely refused to show weakness on this day...I had gone to hell and back to prove my illness did not impact my ability to parent just to get to this I took as much meds as possible and still be conscious and went to make our family complete...the judge was almost 2 hrs behind, it was a long painful day and worth every single nano second of pain...but I sure wish it had been a dragon free day!


  1. Would you be interested in looking at it? It is designed for California but that is very easy to fix. I see you haven't linked any advance directive.

  2. I am not sure what you are asking me to look at, but whatever it is yes, send it on over there is a place to email/contact me on the blog
    ... I do have an advance directive on file with my Dr's and local area hospitals as well as one in my safety deposit box (just a reality of my life to have all of these things though out already)