Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the newest member of The dragon Slayer Mommy Household....Curran!!

I would like to introduce Curran my tiniest furry baby.... he is a little too skinny and needs a bath, a visit to the vet and has an eye infection  but he is just adorable and his furry brothers and sisters are mostly glad to have him (Maddy the leader of the Kitty Kat mafia is not as happy as the others but she will come around....eventually!!! 

Tuff Stuff just loves his "baby kitty" and is doing very well with "softly petting" and not picking up the kitty!

Look at his face, poor baby is so scared since this is the first tie away from his mamma and liter mates 

making himself comfortable and claiming a part of the couch as his own (right next to daddy just in case Miss Maddy decides he can't sit there)

This was my first look at my darling new baby...he needed a new mommy and what was one more furry kid at this point... this little guy  needs some TLC and basic healthcare , but usually my kitties do when I bring them home (one of the reasons I do bring them home...he is healthier than Maddy and Onyx were when I brought them home 4 1/2 yrs ago...wow, has it really been that long since we had "baby kitties " in the house?

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