Saturday, June 8, 2013

New subscription box alert (Orange Glad desert box) WITH DISCOUNT CODE



OrangeGlad is brand new to the sub box scene and promises to deliver the very box we have al been craving and longing for....yep, sweets... I don't mean your drugstore variety candy bar or a couple piece of chocolate...

No, the guys over at Orange Glad are searching out bakeries around the country to find the perfect confectionery delights for it's subscribers.

I am a big fan of the show Unique Sweets on the cooking channel and in my mind this box will basically be the "home delivery" version of that show.

I can't wait to see what they come up with , will it be biscotti from Jersey, cupcakes from Austin, or cookies from San Francisco?

here is the details on how to get in on their first box launching on July 1st, you want to get your pre order in now before they sale out of that inaugural box!!


The cost of this box of culinary delight is $15 a month plus shipping ($6.95)
the also offer price reduction on multiple month subscription plans so you can get your box for as low as $13 a box plus shipping with the 6 month subscription plan.
Orange Glad has been kind enough to offer a permanent discount code for my readers here at  The Dragon Slayer Mommy!!!! that code is "DRAGONS6"
They are also running a really great giveaway on their webpage...for anyone who subscribes to their box during this "pre-launch" period everyone will be entered into a drawing and the winner will have their subscription DOUBLED for free by Orange Glad.. so if this is a box you are thinking you need to have "uumm, I know I NEED this box" then get on over there and order!!


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