Friday, June 14, 2013

my 10 favorite things I have received in a subscription box

I get asked a lot  "what is the best thing you have ever received in a subscription box?" First off that is a very subjective question, what I think is "the best" may not be what someone else considers to be "the best" Some people would classify this by value for the money, I know that question gets even more often "which box do you get the most expensive stuff for the least amount of money?" 

Let me start by clarifying that although I do like a good deal, and love bargains that for me a "good box" doesn't mean one that I paid $30 for and received over $100 in items in my box every month...because if you don't like the items it has NO value in the long run.... I would rather pay more money for a box I am pretty sure I will like the items (although with monthly subscription boxes there is always that chance you will hate everything you get that month)

As I was making this list I was actually surprised by my top 10 and the boxes they came from, I challenge all my subscription box addict friends and readers to make a list as well (at least your top 5) and see which box they came from and if it was what you expected, or was it an eye opener?

so here we top 10 favorite items from subscription boxes (in no particular order and I only chose items received since March when I started this blog) 

citrus zinger water bottle- from March Fancy box $20.00
I love this, and I have actually gotten a couple more of these because everyone in the house wanted one for themselves. 

Rose Gold Luxe Facial Oil, .25oz
Rose Gold Luxe Facial oil -from the April Olio Luxe box $12.00 for small size in the box, full size is $25. I can not say enough about this serum. My face looks better than it ever has (at least since I went through puberty anyway) I use this twice a day and the difference is amazing. A little goes a long way, I am still on the smaller bottle included in my April box , but already plan on ordering the full size in the next week or so to make sure I don't run out!

The shine balm, in vanilla luxe from the April Olio Luxe box $6.00 (yep from the same box the Rose Gold Luxe was in...I am telling you it was an incredible box) I use a lot of lip balm, my meds cause dehydration, dry skin, and chapped lips to the point they bleed... I was brand loyal to another balm for 6 years before trying this awesome little lip balm and I was "sold" in a matter of days. it's pretty much perfect

Deep Steep Moisture stick $5.95 (I have received different scents from different boxes so I just used a picture of the entire collection) This was in The may Stork Stack (vanilla brown sugar) and in the June Citrus Lane box (lavender) I use this all the time (multiple times a day) I have actually purchased almost all of the scents at this point I think (except the rosemary, I don't like rosemary at all) This is the best lotion I have used in many years and I love that it is in a stick form so I can thrown it in a purse, diaper bag, even in my sunglasses case (which is where I have one right now) plus it is super light to carry around compared to a bottle of normal lotion.

Warrior poet Argyle T shirt $32.00- this was in a Wittlebee box for my son I think in March. I adore this shirt and most of all it introduced me to the warrior poet brand which I now adore and put my son in as much of their shirts as possible (although i must say I liked it better when the shirts were included in a clothing box , now just one shirt costs what an entire box of clothes cost when I was getting the WB box)

verse headphones by urban beatz in aqua $30 (May Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box) I know we "just" got these headphones, so how can they be a favorite you ask...well, because I had been wanting some headphones just like this for awhile but didn't want to spend the money on myself (it would have come out of my box budget you know) I can't tell you how much I am enjoying them already... Not only are they perfect for the infusion center when it is 100% necessary to use headphones to watch a movie/TV show (regular headphones were never comfortable for me) I am loving just using them to talk on the phone with the built in microphone it is totally hands free without the whole house hearing my conversation (again, hands free is a big thing when the joints in your hands are painful and twisting)  And finally, I can put these on while working on the computer (like right now) and not hear my son or the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme in the other room.... I am able to surf the internet or post on my blog without knowing what is going on in the other room...and sometimes you just have to let daddy be in charge , put your pretty new headphones on and tune the rest of the world out...oh, and they are pretty and totally match the colors on my blog!!!

Vasanti Brightenup! (March Birchbox, full size$34.00) 
I am actually glad I never saw reviews of this before I tried it, because I doubt I would have believed it and may have been cynical about this tube of awesome. I honestly do not know how it works/why it works...all I know is that after the very first time I used it my face looked younger, healthier, it was a pretty rosy glowing complexion like a 16 year old (minus the acne) considering I am a 40 year old on chemo...that's pretty dang impressive!!! I use this 3 times a week, just using a small pea size amount and it is like getting a professional exfoliating tube is less than a single facial...between this and the Rose gold Luxe oil my face looks incredible these in no make-up needed other than some powder for shine, lip balm and mascara good ...seriously go order some of this...NOW!!

Udis Gluten Free Soft N Chewy Cranberry Almond Granola bars $5.50 for a box of 5 (May Tasterie Box) First off, let me say I always though Gluten Free meant taste free and cardboard like consistency....let me just say I was totally wrong! I have been introduced to may yummy products and brands from various Gluten Free boxes...Although I don't "have" to eat Gluten Free it does help my inflammation  problems and anything that helps that is a keep in my book. Now onto this granola bar, even the princess and Tuff Stuff really enjoyed these and couldn't tell they were gluten free. I love cranberry and almonds and I honestly can't recall having seen a granola bar with this combination before. I usually prefer "crunchy" granola over "chewy" granola but I reall , really enjoyed these...they went way to fast, good thing they can be bought on Amazon. I just remembered I need to see if this  will be something I can add to my subscribe and save monthly shipment. 

Dream Water, snoozeberry (blueberry pomegranate) flavor 2pk $5.00 May Conscious box) I have been on sleep meds for quite a few years, yet even with prescription sleep aids I STILL have a hard time going to sleep (often takes a couple hours after taking meds to fall asleep) I have never wanted to "layer" over the counter meds with the prescription meds (especially since I take SOOO many meds that "should" have sedation effects) I was pretty sure this wouldn't work at all, but honestly I would try just about anything to get sleep when my pain level reaches a point that to be asleep is the only escape from it (and that's exactly when I decided to try this) I was extremely surprised that it DID help me fall asleep...obviously I still take my prescription sleep meds, but if I am still awake after about 45 minutes after taking the pill then I will drink one of these and I am usually able to sleep within 30 minutes of drinking it It actually tastes pretty good as well...and since I am actually getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night I am much happier these days.

Dave's Madagascar vanilla Coffee Syrup $ 11.00 (April Fancy Food Box) This bottle of yumminess is perfect drizzled over vanilla ice cream, makes a pretty tasty frozen coffee drink, and works wonderfully for desserts for an added "something" or even to boost a classic tiramisu. I really was happy to see this in the box originally...then I realized it was vanilla coffee flavored and my excitement died quite a bit since I do NOT like flavored creamers and prefer my coffee strong, bold and to taste like coffee most of the time (I will do a flavored coffee occasionally in the afternoons or in a specialty coffee drink) I really don't taste the vanilla that much (then again I always have used it with sweets so perhaps that is the matter... I am crazy about this stuff and don't think the house will ever be without it again.

OK ya'll that is MY top 10 sub box finds for March, April and May boxes (yes, the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box arrived in June BUT it was labeled a MAY box so it barley made it on the list just for that reason) When I made my list I was a bit surprised to find the things I love the most and use in my normal routine were not the expensive items or the ones we all get hot and bothered over when spoilers come out...but really just good quality items that make me happy...that is my "definition" of what is the best item I could get in a subscription box....just send me something that I will use regularly that will make me happy... I may not KNOW that I want it or need it, but when it arrives I will "know it" almost instantly after trying the item for the first time.

tell me about your favorites for the same time period!!! 

I hope everyone finds something they love as much as I love these in their next box!!!