Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Jennifer Love Hewitt Box by The Fancy

Last night my FedEx guy made my weekend, I walked up to the door with a pretty purple box in his hands....oh Yea...The Fancy.... Will it be My Jennifer Love Hewitt Box, or perhaps My Fancy food box (both should have arrived in May...sadly looks like only one arrived today) matter there is only one of them... I am just bouncy like a tigger happy (I know my mommy friends get that)  to see what's inside... I am sure the other missing box will arrive, well...when it arrives...The Fancy just kind of ships whenever they want (and I forgive them because I LOVE the box most of the time) 

This is my first peek into the box (after packing was removed) Since I see no food, that means it is my LONG awaited Jennifer Lowe Hewitt box (ordered on May 3rd)  I have seen a spoiler on this box so I know the general idea of the box...but then again with The fancy you just never know until it is in your hands...

Verse Headphones by Urban Beatz value $30.00

(sorry about the pic...nothing could be done on the glare for the packaging so I did a front and back view hoping you could get a better idea of how it looks. I actually REALLY,like these. I seldom wear headphone because I don't like the way the feel in my ears, or they fall out all the time... and the color...aqua, LOVE it.... I will be coolest mommy getting my infusion this week..... with my pretty new headphones (now just to decide what to watch during this treatment... I have Netflix and hulu with me at the infusion center....give me some idea!!

American Apparel Fluorescent Orange Cuffed Beanie Value $20.00's an orange ski cap.... It is summer times in Texas, very little chance of using it unless I am at an indoor movie theater (they are always cold) I am strangely attracted to this...I just might be brave enough to try this out

Katie Dean's Bad to the Bone Turquoise bracelet value $25
This bracelet is growing on me, originally I was like "gift pile" and now, it's more..."hey, that would look cute with the dress you bought today"

simple Wayfarer by free clothing co. value $9.99
I am not gonna lie, every time I look at these or even think about these glasses I takes ma back about 23 to 25 yrs and I am sitting in the back of a trucks,covered in hay...driving with my friends to skinny dip...and Don Henley was singing boys of summer on the radio....the classic glasses, and Don Hensley's voice have always been able to transport me instantly to my last "real summer" ****OK  off topic, Don Henley's voice has got me through some really tough moments...bone marrow biopsy, chemotherapy., nuclear radiation...all of it to the smooth ,intoxicating voice of Mr Don Henley (and the rest of the Eagles too...but Don is the one to get me through the hard stuff.

All totaled I found the value of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Fancy Box had a value of $84.99 for this box, this box is $39 full price, but I had multiple discounts and ended up getting this bo around $16.00 I am very, very happy!!

Although I have never used these type headphone I think it will be prefect for me, the other stuff is pretty cool too.... I need this box for June as well!

Right now there are no discount codes available, look like we are paying full price for awhile at least...
you can order and of the fancy boxes below (the regular fancy (where you, choose your categories),the food fancy, this one, CoCo's box, Ashton Kutcher, Pink, verbal, and Tyler Florence  The Fancy Website)

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