Sunday, June 23, 2013

May Homegrown Collective Greenbox

For those of you unfamiliar with The Homegrown Collective, it is a 
subscription service that delivers a themed "green box" to your door every month. Each box is seasonal and promotes a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. As I have mentioned we are trying to use more green products in our home, but even more so we are trying to be more self reliant so this box has our name written all over it (seriously, it is one of my personal faves easily)
I am not even gonna lie to you , it is on the more expensive side of the monthly subscription box spectrum...but it is well worth the cost, and really it is an investment because of the type of products you receive.... This box is a favorite among men as well so if you are looking for something to get for the man in your life this would be a great option. My hubby loves this box and it has become "his box"

My review is late this month (the box ships the last week of the month so May's box was shipped on the 28th or 29th of May) My box is a victim of USPS evidently... it never updated once in the system... I will say that Mitchell @ the homegrown collective was on top of this the entire time trying to locate the box for me and kept me updated through the entire process...finally unfortunately my original box never showed up here or back at their headquarters... So a replacement box was shipped once a few weeks had passed with no tracking updates or the box showing up anywhere... I will say this the customer service throughout the entire search was top notch and Mitchell stayed in contact with me every couple of day. I actually got the box in a week or so ago, but was trying to keep up with the current boxes arriving since this one was already so far behind schedule on reviewing... I finally remembered I needed t do it this morning so here we go...

This was my first look into the box , they always use a lot of packing materials because typically the box has glass in it (actually, I think they all have had glass in them) May's box was the Wonder of Salt and included dead sea salt (8 oz, Himalayan pink salt 8 oz, organic lavender buds, organic olive oil, an organically grown loofah, as well as Mason jars in appropriate sizes for the projects this month.

because the Homegrown collective is unlike any other box I know, it goes without saying the information cards/pages would be unique as well.. this is a detailed "how to " section and when all else fails head to their blog for more help.

This month included everything needed to make an organic lavender infused salt scrub ( organic dead sea salt, 8oz canning jar, organic lavender buds, organic olive oil) I absolutely love scrubs and actually made a couple varieties last year for Christmas to give as gifts so I am super excited to get the items to make this... and lavender to boot ... I will be in heaven!

The other big project this month was preserved lemons and the items for this is Meyer lemons (3 really large ones were included) large mason jar (1 qt?),  and pink Himalayan salt. I honestly can't wait to taste this , but it takes at LEAST a full month for this to be ready so I have to wait...I hear these are delicious and a little bit goes a long way.

This is everything that I received in the May box, I am happy that it all finally arrived and I was actually OK with waiting for my replacement because I knew they had to order more items just to be able to ship it to me and that was the hold up. The Homegrown collective Green Box is my second favorite box that I receive every month (my favorite is of course Olio Luxe) . The full cost of this box is defiently worth the $48 a month ($39 + $9 shipping) And, of course, the box is even cheaper if you buy a 6-month it drops to $39 including shipping or 12-month is $33.75 per month including shipping.  I KNOW the price tag seems a little steep, but this is realy so much more than just a monthly box of "stuff" this is about learning a lifestyle. You get all the materials needed , the instructions to walk you through these projects step by step and in my experience have a good deal left over for many for projects. May of the boxes also include kits that you grow things so that is a renewing supply constantly... it really is worth the cost, try it just once and I think you will find it is one of the best boxes you could ever order. you can use code G9C255B0019K9 to get 10% off your complete order (weather it is 1 month or 12 months you get 10% off the total cost) the referral program on this one is still something I am not sure about but I think I do get credit if you order and mention my name (Kimberlee Parkhouse or the dragon slayer mommy) and click here to order---->the homegrown collective

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