Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Black Bag May box

I have not been reviewing or posting about my Little Black purchases, I don't really know why I haven't .... perhaps I felt that those who usually post about LBB  can give some awesome trading tips (I mean all those un-boxing videos show women with 5 or 6 purses in just one "bag" that they only paid $49 for and end up like a $900 value after all of their trading...let's get this clear right up front..."I" am not THAT person...
I can't tell you how to make shopping on LBB into a profitable business, I am just a "normal mom" ,making "normal" uninformed trades....

This is my most recent LBB ... because they were having an incredible sale for once I actually got a pretty dang good bag. I opened with the BCBG Corey turquoise striped shoulder bag you see here, as always LBB "gives" you extra items "free" to add to your bag to either keep, or trade for other items. If I remember correctly I opened with the shoulder bag, a beauty product (maybe a facial cleanser), and two pair of earrings. I made two trades total and ended up with the BCBG Corey turquoise stripped tote that matched my shoulder bag.

I have never been a "I got two bags on LBB" kind of person, to be honest it was pure luck and being in the right place at the right time but hey, anyone can do that!!!

and my cost??? a total cost of $25.90 including shipping (I had 20.00 in LBB credits, so actually out of pocket I really only paid 5.90 for two bags)

now lets look at my new bags, shall we?...

This BCBG  Corey turquoise striped tote (value $88)was the item  received from my trading and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it....I plan to actually use this as my new diaper bag (yes, it is THAT big) now that Tuff Stuff is older most of the time I don't need the who "compartment diaper bag" thing (although, I wouldn't turn down a petunia pickle bottom or a red hen bag if I had that chance). This bag is actually prettier in real life, even on the LBB website the pictures just did not do it justice.

This BCBG Corey turquoise striped shoulder bag (value $78) was the item I "opened" with it was one of the sale items so I was able to open my bag with this (and get the 3 additional items LBB always add in) for the sale bundle price of $19.95 plus shipping (came to $25.90 total) When I decided to open a bag with this I knew then it was not "for me" but was a perfect gift for my mom, sister, or oldest daughter and had planned to just get it and put it aside for Christmas which is exactly what I am doing with it!

Over Memorial day weekend LBB had a nice sale going on...a very nice sale that lured me in even though I knew my 9.95 monthly payment was due on 6/1/13 (to have a VIP membership you are charged 9.95 on the first of the month...but your money isn't "wasted" it goes into a "credit balance" until you decide to open a "bag" at which time you get your full "credit balance" to spend and of course you can ALWAYS spend more but s you can see I was completely able to get two very nice BCBG bags for about $25 total... LBB is great for someone like me who is not 100% set on getting a "certain bag, or must have THAT piece of jewelry" Since I am open to many options and usually plan my LBB purchases to be gifts (and if I happen to stumble across something for me that is an added bonus) I can actually make the LBB work very well for me because I pretty much only purchase sell items to maximize my savings plus die hard LBB traders do NOT want to touch "sale" items so if there is a sale on purses or shoes you can pick them up dirt cheap in trades since the people who are LBB regulars do not want them that leaves the trading to people like you and I ...and I am the first to admit I am NOT LBB savey at all

I have the LBB VIP plan which is $9.95 a month and they give me $10 into my "credit" bank on the website so when I AM ready to purchase I usually already have the money sitting there to have some fun trading on LBB without much if anything out of pocket.

You can also choose not to join the VIP program and still purchase, trade and enjoy LBB all you want but the prices are a little higher (not much, I think maybe $10 each shipment)

I would suggest opening an account and looking around the gallery, watch the news feed and THEN decide if you want to buy something...obviously you don't enter payment information unless you actually buy something so it never hurts to look.!!!

click here-----> Little Black Bag Website

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  1. haha, I had the same idea as "anonymous april 20". I work at Ikea too, and thought this was a great way to get my stuff and go to work!

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