Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kix'ies Thigh Highs product review

I actually won these next two items in a giveaway from Ambition Box(previous review of Ambition box) as a promotion they were doing on their Facebook page (I hope this means their might be Kix'ies in June's box)

OK so Kix'ies are really fun thigh high's for women which come in some really fun styles that I was not expecting, they are tights, not necessarily that stuff we all thing of with fish nets and big 80's hair when someone says "thigh highs".....I must say Kix'ies may have changed my thoughts about thigh highs forever...in a good way!!

here is a little excerpt from their Pamphlet ..." I believe we want to feel good about ourselves, we don't want to e crammed in a pair of tights with the dreaded "muffin top" poking out for the world to see!
Kix'ies are practical, comfortable, and even healthy for women (they let our girls parts breathe) and yes, they may even feel a bit sexy to wear, which is an added bonus!"

I won two items and I ws able to choose the two I wanted in the size I wanted... I was blown away with the options, again, totally not what I expected...I loved these even on paper I loved them!!!

I chose Annabelle the pinstripe thigh high tights and Kimmie the argyle thigh high tights
I really didn't choose Kimmie for the name... I mean it's thigh high ARGYLE...what's not to love!!!

This is a better look at Annabelle (pinstripes)

A better look at Kimmie (Argyle)

Kix'ies has several other styles available (Ally which is polka dots, Tiffany, diamond shaped, Beth Ann is the fishnets we all thought of and Dana Lynn is a really cute "ribbed" tight)

the website for Kix'ies is here ----> Kix'ies website  a pair of the Kix'ies tights cost $18.95 and come in size A,B,C,D

I personally think I will be ordering a couple more pair... I just think this is a GREAT idea!!!

*** I won these tights in a contest, I was not asked to do a review for the tights that I received in that contest I decided to on my own and all thoughts and opinions are my own***

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