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June VEGAN Conscsious box vegan (and discont code for free box)

Conscious Box is a discovery box for those who are wanting to "dip their toes" in to the eco friendly/green lifestyle and for those who have already embraced a greener way of life as well. For 19.95 a month (12.95 box and 7.00 shipping) you will get a combination of deluxe samples as well as full size products of some of the best environmentally conscious and all natural products available on the market. They offer a classic box of green, health products, a vegan box and a gluten free box as well. This month I actually got this one (the vegan conscious box) as well as my normal regular conscious box subscription box (which I will review separately)

There are some duplicates between the two boxes, but I  wanted to review them separately so ya'll can see what the difference is and it might help ya decide which one to get if you are on the fence (with the next awesome code I will try the gluten free box  in addition to my regular box)

Me 7 the girls lip moisturizer lipstick base and topper-  an all natural (evidently vegan) lip products..hold me back... OK , believe it or not I have NOT opened this little tube yet... I told myself that every time I see a tube of lip balm it isn't a reason to open a lip balm and try it out (seriously, I have around 15 OPENED lip balms right now) sooo... as for right now I am just staring at this one with longing curiosity...the question is how long will I last... I didn't even "know" I needed a lipstick base and top coat...think it would be OK to open since technically it isn't a lip balm?

Montian Green Lavender natural laundry detergent- OMG!!! OK, so I only use organic stuff for the munchkin because of his super sensitive skin and allergies but I have been outing about my laundry because although my organic all natural laundry detergent works just fine (really well actually) I miss the "smell" of laundry  I am sooooo happy to see this...I may have to change brands if this really smells good after clothes are washed and dried... it seems like I have died and gone to heaven... laundry detergent Tuff Stuff can tolerate that smells yummy...oh, PLEASE let it work!!!

Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating lotion facial moisturizer- certified organic moisturizer... I am "almost" out of my facial oil (yea, you know the one I am always raving about) I think I may run out before backups arrive so perfect timing to try this for for the girls...or two for the girls if my oil comes in!

Herbal Zap Immune Support- this is an herbal supplement that you dissolve in water to boost immune system and an energy boost.... I haven't tried this yet...this is the type of thing the princess really enjoys so I am giving this to her to sample.

Beanfirls's Sea Salth Bean & Rice chips- this is not a new item for us (I have received this brand in various boxes over the last few months) I am not unhappy about seeing this again though, we like them a lot and they are better for us than regular chips... my little guy likes them with hummus.

Natures Baby organics shampoo & body wash (vanilla tangerine scent) smells good.... I am happy to see this I only use organic baby are items since my son has super sensitive skin and allergies and I am always happy to discover and try out new brands!!! Hope they keep these kinds of items coming in the future!

Paper culture 100% post-consumer recycled paper- this is a different card/ company than in the other box...and I adore the cow card (you knew I would...very appropriate in a vegan box) but they also included a $25 voucher for the website...still pricey but hey, with $25 off life is always good...super cute stuff!!!

Skout Bar- this is an organic trail bar. I got apple cinnamon and cherry vanilla (got both in both my boxes). Not something I would have ever bought myself, but actually pretty good. I would buy them again....they are organic, vegan, gluten free, and non GMO so pretty good for me too! YUMM!!

LARABAR "ALT" peanut butter cookie fruit and nut bar- I have never heard of these before, so I was cautiously  intrigued ...this is also gluten free, vegan, non GMO plus dairy free.... just sounds like it would not be tasty but seriously it is ...really it is YUMMY...I managed to get a bite before Tuff Stuff gobbled it up as his snack this morning. (I got this flavor in both boxes... I would like to have had a different flavor, but still super yummy so that is OK)

Son for men- this is a vegan non GMO soothing lotion that stabilizes and stimulates the skin after a share (or before a wash it says as well) My hubby will be happy to try this out for also says it helps with ingrown hairs so I am thinking I may keep it and try it myself .... this was in the regular box as well...but now hubby and I both can try it out!!!

$50 wine gift card from naked wines- these sure are popular little cards... I am getting quite the collection of them! They don't ship to Texas unfortunately so I really need to figure out something to do wit them. I need to gift these to a friend in a ship friendly state....yep this was in both boxes as well!

Organic Flavrz drink mix from GoOrganic- this was also in my June Love with food box, but I am happy to see several more of them. They are pretty tasty, just mix in with your water as much or as little as you want and is an immunity booster...I need all the help in that area I can get ...these were also in my regular box (but I got 4 in that box and only two in this one...wonder why?)

This was the first time for me to get the vegan box and I am thinking I may have actually liked it better than my regular box...hmmmm... to get another subscription or not...that is the question....

I did not get a group photo of this box evidently (geeze...what is it with me and conscious box... I NEVER seem to get a "group" picture of everything in the box... I think it's because there is always so much in the box and I am ready to really "dig in" by the time I am done taking pictures...this time it might have been the 7 other boxes waiting for review though...)
 I can honestly say that Conscious box is by far one of my favorite boxes (in my top 3 actually) This will be a box I will continue with for quite some time... I am still relatively new to the "eco friendly, organic and green" products and this is a great box for discovering products!!

There are always great codes available for Conscious box and most of them work for new subscribers as well as current subscribers which I really like because hey, I am the one using the service every month..give me an incentive... I wish more boxes realized this and gave their current subscribers great incentives as well.

Right now with the code "FIRSTBOXFREE" you well, get your first box free (you still pay shipping) just click here to sign up ----> Conscious box website

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