Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Ummentionably Cheeky Box with DISCOUNT CODE (new subscription panties by mail service)

Unmentionably Cheeky

This is a brand new subscription company offering panties by mail... let me just say I LOVE this idea!!! I seldom get out and get to shop, and when I do I seldom think to get myself some undies...even though I certainly am in need of some new one... insert my new love here...

You sign up, fill in your info and your size and a coupe days later viola!! 3 new pair of pretty undies!!!

Seriously they shipped the same day I ordered very fast delivery!!!

I simply could not get the glare to go away, no matter what I did..but the pretty skives came in a shiny purple shipping package which was a nice change to my normal shipping packages in my mailbox and just screamed "open me first" which of course ...I did!!!!

Inside the shiny shipping package the lacy undies were wrapped nicely in matching purple tissue and sealed with a little golden seal...very nice touch.

These are a soft pink lace design with black trim and a nice little bow and a full covered bottom (I think these are my favorite of the bunch)

These are a soft cotton pantie with nice lace trim and detail, a pretty bow and again full covered bottom 

these are a really pretty black lace panty, that shows a lot of "cheek" with out being ummm..."uncomfortable" shall we say? very nice for when you want or need a little less panty 

Incrediably, all three of these were just $8 a month (use discount code "SUMMER" and lock in the $8 price while you can)

want to know more  or sign up for this great subscription? ----> click here Ummentionably Cheeky website

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