Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Treatsie Box

One of the boxes that arrived in this weeks flood of goodies was the treatsie box. I knew it was coming and I was watching for it and still almost missed it because the label says something else and the packing envelope was a normal looking packing envelope so when I opened it up and realized what it was I was THRILLED and could not wait to tear into it... I was on the waiting list for last month so I have been waiting since they announced the launch of this monthly service of artisan confectionery goodness... 
I guess I should mention the packing before I let my love of sweets run away with this review since the packing has been a cause of discussion regarding this particular type of box since chocolate melts....
The packing envelop came with a gel type ice pack inside and then the treatsie box of goodies was shrink wrapped seperatly in side to keep it from getting all funky from moisture coming off the ice pack. I live in Texas and it is mid June so this was a pretty big test of the effectiveness of this cooling system and packing techniques...all in all, I think it worked well a few of my pieces were somewhat melty, but tasted just fine when they hardened back up (and really, it is Texas in Summertime I do not expect miracles from any box company using the postal service) 

Treatsie does not send a traditional information card, they have a little insert that directs you to their webpage where you can see the treats included in the box for that month. You click on the piece of candy you are about to eat and you can see what it is, who makes it, the story behind your treat and the company who makes it and the best part you can go ahead and order more while you are there directly from the confectioner themselves. I actually really enjoy this aspect of the box since I can "see the story" I am someone who watches a lot of food network, and cooking channel and unique sweets is one of my favorite shows and this is the type of items they are usually showcasing so having the ability to "see the masterminds behind my treat" is something I like much more than a traditional information card.

I just wanted to include a picture of the pretty paper, I am a sucker for a nicely wrapped box of anything, but a nicely wrapped box of sweet treats is enough to make me melt (just ask my hubby and my daughter's this is their go-to type gift for me)

first look into my treatsie box, I know I should have waited for it to get back to room temp but I couldn't resist.

Lambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee
This was frickin' amazing is just about the best way to describe it!!! I have already looked into getting myself more of this. Toffee is one of my biggest weaknesses so this was going to be a hit to matter what, but then you add southern pecan and chocolate and this southern girl was in heaven. The first piece I nibbled at while doing some reviews late one night, and the the other two pieces I devoured with a cup of coffee late last night while vegging out catching up on Hell's Kitchen episodes. I had not even finished the package before I was looking to order more! This alone was worth getting the box for me.

Askinosie assorted dark chocolate itty bars
Once again this treat seems custom made for me, I am a huge dark chocolate fan and the darker the better !!!  The princess and I both prefer our chocolate to be at least 70% if we are just "eating chocolate" by it's self and I usually even bake with a dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Treatsie shipped 4 of these little bars (about 2 or 3 bites, which is absolutely the perfect amount to satisfy a craving or as a "reward") I had two varieties in my box the ones from Ecuador and Honduras (1 from Honduras and 3 from Ecuador) I very much enjoyed reading about these chocolates and testing my palette to catch the subtle differences in flavors 9actually it wasn't subtle the different was pretty signficant, I would have liked to have tried the others as well) I really am interested in the fruitiness of the Tanzania one and think I will have to look into getting that one to try at least , it sounds like a wonderful chocolate and I think that I really need to taste that one for myself. I love that these chocolates were in my box, I often buy small batch artisan foreign dark chocolates when I can , but I live in a very small town and this time of year if I pick up the chocolate while I am in town by the time I get hime it will have melted so I typically don't buy much this time of year, it was a perfect surprise for me this month.

Liddabit Sweets barley,tea & honey lollipop -
I would have never thought to combine this particular flavors into a candy, but it works quite well. I typically go through a lot of hard candies and to be honest I am kinda burned out on pretty much all the ones that I use as "go to " candies. This was a very welcome break in the boring rut  of my typical hard candies variety.I am not sure this is something I would go out and buy myself, but I wouldn't turn it down either. I actually haven't finished it yet though, I sucked on this for awhile and them wrapped it back up and forgot about it until just now... I know what I am having during my Star Trek marathon tonight!

Liddabit sweets fig & ricotta caramels
I am just in the last year or so getting to the point I appreciate a good caramel to be honest,, but I have defiantly learned to savor a nice soft caramel and I will admit the flavor combination in this one had me scared and I really did not expect to like it much at all... I was wrong, this was delicious and although I didn't really taste the ricotta I could taste the fig and it brought a whole new complexity to the caramel than I would have though... very , very good piece of candy. I highly recommend trying this.

Liddabit sweets dark chocolate caramel
I think mine was actually a sea salt dark chocolate dark caramel, and it was pretty tasty, I think I may have enjoyed this more had I not tasted the fig & ricotta first since I was comparing this one to that one and really it isn't a fair comparison (yes they are both caramels, but really pretty different in taste) Don't get me wrong, this was a very good caramel and I would buy it again, I just found myself wishing it was the other flavor which isn't a reflection on this one not being good, but a testament to how great the other one was! 

I guess in my haste to get this box open and in my mouth I forgot to take a picture of everything together, but have no fear it was all there and all yummy!!! I did not do a price breakdown on this box because it is only a $15.00 box and I can 100% guarantee it was worth every penny of that and much more. I am in love with this box, and I think I may have found a new favorite candy treat with those fig & ricotta caramels.

Here is the link to their webpage, go order a box right now before they sell out for July!!!---->Treatsie website

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