Monday, June 3, 2013

June Stork Stack Review (and discount code)

At the first of the month I start watching...waiting... I KNOW my Stork Stack is on the way, so I ws very happy to see the adorable pink and blue box that announces that the stork has left a suprise for my 2 Yr old son Tuff Stuff!!!
For those who don't kow Stork Stack is a monthly subscription box that covers ages "from the last trimester of pregnancy" all the way to age 3. The box includes 5 items and one is usually for mom as well. I have actually learned about some really great brands / products from Stork Stack that will be regular items in our home so I LOVE our Stork Stack subscription!

This was the first look into the box... on the rare occasion I haven't seen spoilers I like to see how "full" it is before I open it... I don't know why , I know it actually has no reflection on how I feel about the box, but it is just something I "do"  This box was about 1/3 the way full and I liked that!!

The theme of this month's box was "Picnic Party" For once I stayed away from spoilers and although I knew the theme I didn't know what was inside until Tuff Stuff and I checked it out together this evening.

Tuff Stuff handing the items to me so I can take some pictures (he is actually pretty patient about it)

GimMe health Foods:Roasted Seaweed Sheets in sea salt flavor value $1.19- I haven't tried these yet, but I typically like seaweed in my sushi and such so I am thinking this will taste like that in a salted chip form...I could be wrong, but for now that's what I am thinking... will have this for one of my afternoon "med snacks" I will try to remember to come back and tell ya'll how it tasted.

Tree Hopper Toys: Match Stacks value $19.99 - these are "matching cards/disks made from wood" 
 by a family owned company that their toys are handcrafted using American  hardwood. These toys are safe and durable. I really like it when we get wooden toys in our boys, my daughters are 20 years older than my son and their wooden toys are still usable because they are built to last!

Barbara's: Snackimals cereal $0.99- My info card says we were getting the cookies, I am guessing they ran out so some of us got cereal. The flavor we got was cinnamon crunch. I don't usually let my little guy do cold cereal for breakfast (milk and cereal just too messy for a 24 mth old) sometimes I mix cereal into his yogurt for breakfast instead of granola or I will let him eat it dry as his morning snack...I am sure he will like this one very much.

FunBites: cube it!! value $12.99- I LOVE this is a two piece "frame and cutter" used to cut food into little squares for toddlers (they also make other shapes on their I can easily see myself using this almost every day. One of the biggest issues with my disability is problems with my hands so often cutting things up is on the difficult side of things and we just skip it for something less healthy that I don't need to cut. I think this will work on anything from pancakes and sandwiches to lasagna and chicken fried steak....oh yes, gonna love this one for sure....

Sassy Baby :12 oz Grow up cup value$ 7.00- I think this was the little man's favorite item as were going through the box...this neat little cup (well, I can't say little's a big boy cup)has a "rim" sippy so it can be drank from all sides without a mess (more like an adult cup, and I think it's an awesome idea to get your little one ready for a big cup. I will be looking to get more of these!!!

We really liked the items we got in the June Stork Stack...Tuff is happy, and it's his box so as long as he is happy I am happy. All totaled the value of this box was $ 42.16 and the Stork stack is regularly priced at $27.99 for one month (less expensive per month when you purchase a multiple month discount) I defiantly feel like I got my money's worth!

Right now you can get $10.00 off your first stork stack, that's a Stork Stack for $17.99 ...Stork Stack website you do not need to put in code it should just take the $10.00 off BUT if it asks for a code "7D7EDF10"

Did you get a stork stack this month? What did you get? If you didn't get one does this box make you want to subscribe?

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  1. Tuff Stuff--too cute! How did you do that animated picture at the bottom of your post? I'd love to know!

    1. honestly, not sure how it happens... I know it is a "gif" instead of a "jpeg" when I save it and look at what they say...sometimes it just "happens" when I take a lot of pics on my is usually in the "sports" mode that does 7 different shots and captures the time before and after the exact instant the button is pushed. I wish I could figure out how I make it happen...but I don't...sometimes it just happens, but I want to do it all the time.

  2. He is so cute,how did you create the animation?

  3. I am impressed with the value of this box! This sounds great! Thanks for the review! PS) Your son is adorable!

  4. I loved this box and find that we use almost everything in it from this month!