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June Pawalla for cats monthly subscription box

When the folks over a Pawalla gave me the opportunity to review one of their standard cat boxes I jumped it quicker than my Obie boy jumping on a mouse toy! Pawalla is one of the very few companies who do offer monthly subscription services for cats....and my feline babies have been feeling left out (I have 4 of them ya know)

Pawalla has two different size boxes, the Pawalla Deluxe  (reviewed here in the cat version, but also offer it ina dog version) They also offer a Pawalla mini for both cats and dogs, a little smaller and does not include the canned food.
As you can see the Deluxe is a pretty large box
You also pick the appropriate box for your pet's size and age (so for my Romeo Love, I would choose Senior dog over 25 pounds and then the mini or deluxe size) Same with cats...

because I have cats ranging in age from 8 week old kitten to a 7 year old very large Maine Coon I was sent just a cat box with no age specification but appropriate for all ages.

first look at the box and before my babies realized there was catnip in the kitchen!
So let's look at what all came in the fur balls surprise box (and add in some "outtake" pics of their reactions to the box)

Greenies-smartbites digestive salmon flavor value $3.99
I am a huge fan of greenies (for my dogs, I didn't know they made cat products...woohoo stocking up for sure!) My girls LOVED these (Maddy and Onyx are my "crunchy" treat fanatics)

PushClean towelettes 12 ct - value $9.98
I am so happy to see these in my box, I didn't know they existed but now that I do I never want to be without them!!! this is a hypo-allergenic towelette made from 100% bamboo in a little package that you "push open" All I know is our new kitten (Curran) is a smelly little thing (I am sure he will grow out of it, you know how hard it is to bathe a cat so these are perfect, prerfect, "purrfect"!!

Whole Life- Trail Mix Cat Treats (roasted chicken flavor) value$6.00
I Love whole life products because they are made of pure meat (in this case chicken leg and thigh meat)  then freeze dried to maintain freshness and making it crunchy. Crunchy is important around here (2 of the 4 kitties only eat crunchy snacks...yes, I have picky spoiled babies)

Against the grain 2.8 oz cans of food (2 big kahuna with crab& talapia and 2 shrimp daddy with tuna& salmon. value$7.38
This is great , high quality canned for high in vitamins, mineral, amino acids and omega 3, made with real seafood...this actually LOOKS like seafood not mushed re-fried beans like many canned pet foods. I KNOW Mr Obie will be allover this and I may let little Curran try it as well. (Maddy and Onyx eat special foods as  prescribed by our vet)

Doggles-sushi catnip crab: value $3.69
How cute is this little guy??!! Because of the catnip all four of my feline children were attracted to this toy . (and allowed me to get some picture of them with the box even) I think this will end up being Currans's toy as he is the "baby" and is more playful than my senior kitties, Although Miss Onyx showed an interest in this toy and she seldom plays at all so perhaps I should allow her to have it and bring out her inner kitten again.

Petchup for cats in salmon flavor  value $7.97
Petchup is not only yummy and something cats love with the fish flavor, but it also has Omega 3, anti oxidents, and extra vitamins so it's good for them too. This has Mr Obie's name written all over it...I put some on his food just before sitting down to write this and he almost knocked over the water bowl to get to the food...if you are not aware main Coon's are incredibly vocal cats and he was "talking" about how good it was smelling.

I love catz-sisal rattle football cat toy: Value $4.99
This cute little football toy is covered in sisal rope so it perfect for my babies to sharpen their claws as well as toss and bat it around (now if only they would use this instead of my furniture) Maddy (who is very picky about toys) has claimed this as her own...but Obie likes it too so I predict a little spat over this one.

All totalled my Pawalla deluxe cat box was valued at $44, the full cost of this box is $31, so you defiantly get more than you pay for the box plus you are finding and discovering new items that you didn't kow buot before and in my opinion that adds a good deal of value as well.

Pawalla as I mentioned above has 2 different price levels:

Pawalla mini is $21.00 and has 3-5 items
Pawalla deluxe (as reviewed) is $31.00 and has 7-9 items

if you purchase multiple month subscriptions the monthly price is discounted.

Onyx checking out the box
Onyx is my "shy" baby....she is super affectionate (with me...anyone else she runs and hides)

Curran, posing like a pro!
Curran is my newest rescue, he is only 7 to 8 weeks old (we are not 100% sure on that) he loves the BOX and is currently using it as a play zone!

Obie checking things out
This is Obie, he is our cuddly kitty!! He is a 7 year old Main Coon, loves to snuggle, will play fetch and "sits pretty" on command.

Maddy can't wait to taste it all!
Maddy, is the "leader of the kitty kat mafia" she is the undisputed ruler of this house. She also is Onyx's litter-mate and "twin" Maddy and Onyx are typically together at all times. Miss Maddy is NOT happy about the new kitten and is pretty upset with me so this Pawalla box arrived just in time to hopefully make her happy.

Obie checking out the box

I just wanted to try and show ya'll how big Mr Obie really is (Main Coon's are very big kitties, he isn't fat...that's mostly fur but in general his entire breed is just HUGE)

WOW...for me??!!!
I just HAD to include this picture...I am infatuated with our newest baby

Ok, now I am off to give my dog's some love before they get a complex or something....

If you are interested in getting a Pawalla box (cat OR dog) for your furry babies you can get $6.50 off your first box (bringing cost of mini to $14.50 and the deluxe to $24.50) by clicking discount code needed ---->Pawalla website

Disclosure: I was provided with this box at no charge for review purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own and are honest reflections of my opinion.No compensation was received for this review. this post also contains affiliate links.

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