Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Olio Luxe Box

For those of you unfamiliar with Olio Luxe This is an up and coming Indy company that focus on all natural skin care. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Olio Luxe line of products, it is everything I have been looking for in skincare and honestly thought this type of product with these results just didn't really exist (or I was destined to have bad skin)

I don't really remember how I stumbled across Olio Luxe, I know it was on Facebook and it was around the first of the year... I stalked the page (yes, I admit I was a FB page stalker..actually I think the technical term is "lurker"...I finally decided to just go for it after a few very positive interactions with the Facebook page and seeing some happy customers post on Facebook about their products. Olio Luxe is not just a sub box company they also have a complete line available for purchase on their website OLIO LUXE, but those who subscribe to the monthly "box" will always get the newest products before they are available to purchase and many exclusives as well.. two of the items that made my top 10 subscription box finds came from the April Olio Luxe Box(if you missed that post , you can see my top 10 by clicking here)
I have not only subscribed to Olio Luxe's monthly goodies, but I have also been ordering various spa/beauty products to try in addition to what comes in the monthly subscription offering (I also review the individual items purchases on this blog) I have been very pleased with every single item I have received so far.

This Month was "Summer Luxe" and included all new products for the Olio Luxe line. 

River Sage Body scrub $16.00- this is a scrumptious little tub of awesomeness!!! I needed a good exfoliator  so I could get my self "prepped" for a sunless tanner...this was the perfect product at just the right time. The only drawback is that you have to "mix it up" before you get in the shower (or just take a bath) because it can't get water in it until you are ready to use it. You mix it with either water or even the Spice tea body wash. I used Spiced Tea body wash,.This can also be used just as a facial scrub and use the foaming rosewater cleaner to mix it (again or water). This was also named for the owner's son and summer helper, and I love that!

I just wanted to show a picture of the cute little touches, this little bag complete with friendship pin has the newest facial oil to be added to the line inside.These little touches are one of the things I adore about these monthly surprise packages.

This is Olio Luxe's newest facial oil $18.00,  Olio Lite facial oil is a lovely blend of sunflower oil, frankincense & ylang ylang. Either for the hot summer months, or for oily skin types that prefer a light oil year round. This is your answer! I will be honest, I don't like this as much as the Rose Gold Luxe oil I have been using... I a not sure why, but possibly the smell is a little stronger (not bad strong, just different) I do LOVE that it is in a rollerball applicator though.... that is the best feature ever and I love, love, love it! I do think this oil is better suited for the princess, she has acne and the Rose gold Luxe wasn't a good match for her and this seems to be perfect for her, just not for me and my "ummm..."mature skin" we shall call it..

Iced Mocho Latte bar soap $4.00...yummm...and even the bar is pretty and smells great! it was wrpped up so pretty I hated to unwrap it, but I was dying to know what it looked and smelled like so I tore on it to it of course. I think this may be the first soap bar I have seen from Olio Luxe, and I was very please with it... perfect for gifts as well... I was told this was going to be just a box exclusive for now so sadly it is not for sale at this time.

This was all the products in the June Olio Luxe box, combined they total $38.00, and the cost per month is only $22.00, so this is still a great deal (but honestly just TRY this subscription you won't regret it) 

I love that most months are a complete new experience as this new and emerging line expands.Although, I am not crazy about the Olio Lite facial oil, I still completely love this box and it remains my favorite subscription (and the Olio Lite totally works for my daughter so it's all good)  

For those who do not want to commit to an actual subscription then you can purcase the box one month at a time from the website (just be advised that they sell out very, very quickly sometimes before the month even begins)

Olio Luxe facebook page (I do reccoment liking them on Facebook)---->Olio Luxe facebook page

Olio Luxe webpage is here ---->Olio Luxe main page

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  1. I love this box and everything in it! Just added it to my list of boxes I want to try. I like that it's not the same brands you see everywhere. Thanks for sharing :).