Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Olfactif box

Don't know what Olfactif is? That's OK I had never heard of it either until a couple of months ago...Olfactif is a first-of-its kind subscription-based fragrance discovery service. We are people who love perfume and the power of scent.Each box is $18 BUT the big incentive here is if you purchase a full sized perfume (from the current month's box) Olfactif will refund you the cost of your box that month.

OK...so let's see the box...

the Olfactif packaging is actually very unique, I should have done a video so you could see how it opens but it is my favorite part of this box actually (yes the box it's self is my favorite part)
The information card lists an explanation of the "feel" of the box this month on one side and the three scents on the other side and a description of the perfumes.

Eau de Tommi Sooni II by Tommi Sooni full size$ 165 for 100ml bottle
Eau de Tommi Sooni IIor "Eau II" as perfumistas affectionately call itis both a vibrant floral oriental and a grown-up gourmand, perfect for men and women who want a scent unlike anything else. From first spray, it emanates the warmth and richness of exotic places while retaining a radiance and lightness suited to the warm days and nights of summer. Notes include rhubarb, bergamot, lemon, daphne, jasmine, ylang ylang, honey, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. The high-concentration EdT comes in 100 ml atomizer glass bottles handsomely packaged in unique, handmade, signed presentation box. All bottles are finished with a French cord wound by hand around the bottle's crimp.

Eau Nomade by Thirdman- full size$105 for 100ml

In India, walk among the stalls of a bustling street market where merchants tempt passersby with freshly squeezed lemons and sweet blood oranges. Pause by the baskets heaped with mounds of ground spices and breathe in the rich, warm cardamom. Eau Nomade is citrus, spice, and hot sun—energy, adventure, and life. It comes in a large splash bottle with an optional spray pump. The included instructions say it all: "Generously splashed or sprayed. Chilled or not. For men and women." Notes include Sicilian lemon, blood orange, and cardamom.

Eau Absolute by Mona di Orio full size $230 for 100ml
Eau Absolue, the newest release in the Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Collection, is the result of a formula that perfumer Mona di Orio left behind before her untimely passing. It effervesces like a summer breeze carrying a bouquet of bergamot, mandarin, clementine, and petitgrain. Eau Absolue becomes earthy and softly floral, with whispers of geranium, dry vetiver, and balsamic St. Thomas bay leaf. The nocturnal shade intensifies, arching ever deeper, until plunging directly into a caress of cistus labdanum, the ambery smell of the Mediterranean, and sensual musk, an elegant and intoxicating denouement. 

I really wish I could say I liked this month's box...but I simply didn't care for the scents at all...they were not "me" and when you are paying $18 for 3 little samples that are 2.25 ml you just really need to LOVE at least one of the scents(which I know is a deluxe size sample for perfume but STILL)
Last month had smaller samples  (1/2 the size actually) but I really did enjoy the "experience" last month...honestly this month the perfume triggered an asthma attack..

I think this box is more for a "sophisticated" type woman and NOT for a stay at home mom who only leaves the house a couple times a month to go to a Dr appointment and perhaps I should have realized that before I signed up...Olfactif, it's NOT YOU it is ME...that being said I have already cancelled this subscription...I mean for $18 a month I can get boxes that are much more the "stay at home mom" type of box 

Ok, for those wanting to sign up for Olfactif, you can do so here...and as I said I LOVED last month, and really plan to purchase one of those$200 bottles of perfume for myself because I want it to be my "signature scent" and no, I would never have found it without Olfactif but I just have to admit to myself this box is just not made for me and that is ok...different strokes for different folks...

Olfactif website 

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