Monday, June 10, 2013

June Love With Food

For those who don't know Love With Food  is a great snack box subscription that delivers "great food for a great cause". The cost is $12 a month ($10 + $2 shipping) for a box full of gourmet food items, none of which have I ever seen before so far. A Great thing about love about Love With Food is that they donate a meal to a hungry child for each box they send out, so you are not only giving yourself a monthly treat box but also donating a meal every month. They also offer a points program that you review the items you've sampled for points to later redeem for your favorite food items (just like Birchbox)

Gluten Free Pineapple Coconut cereal bar from Del More bars- this is described as a rice crispy treat with a gourmet twist and adult sophistication. I am looking forward to trying this, I have been trying to do more a gluten free items (gluten free diet helps with autoimmune inflammation) this will be a yummy treat with my afternoon coffee or as a shared  evening snack with the hubby.

Organic fruit bears from Surf Sweets- my son absolutely loves all things from Surf Sweets and I feel good about letting him eat them. I am always happy to see these in any box.

Organic drink mix from GoOrganic- (citrus hibiscus immunity drink)  this actually taste pretty dang good and anything that helps my immune system is always a plus since I am immunocompromised . I will be looking to buy more of this

Organic Hard candy from GoOrganic-  I received the blood orange and the apple flavors. I don't know if I have mentioned it before , but I almost always have a piece of hard candy in my mouth (my meds cause extreme dry mouth ,and mouth sores. Hard candy helps keep my mouth comfortable. I didn't even know there was organic hard candies, this will be a must have in my house from now on!!!

SoyJoy- Mango coconut- this is gluten free, and all natural. Soy Joy is regularly enjoyed in our house for breakfast or "med time snacks" I haven't had the mango coconut before so this is great... I will have it for breakfast in the morning.

Turbana plantain chips- I am so excited to try these!! We love banana  chips for snacks and I like to cook with plantains, but I never knew about plantain chips (I guess I should have assumed they had them) YUMMY, my little guy has a new go to snack.

Seaweed Love- all natural roasted seaweed snack- crispy seaweed snacks seem to be popping up a lot lately... I may have to breakdown and see what all the fuss is about.

Coconut Mango fruit ice from Smooze- this is a all natural "fruit pop" they describe it as a push pop, but to me a push pop has a slider stick that you push the ice cream up with as you eat it...even if this isn't what I consider a "push pop" it looks like it will be easy for Tuff Stuff to squeeze and eat and coconut mango combine two of his favorite fruits (mommy may have to steal a bit of this one)

Naked$50.00 gift card - I actually have a few of these, I need to see if I can "combine them" on one order.... I think I have 4 of them and that would defiantly help stock up on  a lot of gifts since I don't drink.

As usual a box crammed full of yumminess from Love With food, this was the first of my two monthly Love With Food boxes (I wonder if there will be any flavor variations?) I don't typically do a "price breakdown" on Love With Food because it's all about the discovery for me on this box...I do feel like I get my money's worth most of the time and I love the box and trying new items I would never had known about otherwise.

So, I know you are looking for a discount code to get this box at a steal... and you know I can help ya oput with that (don't I always) "FBGIFT" will get you this box for free , only pay shipping of $'s that for a deal...

This is the link ---->Love With Food Website, remember to use code "FBGIFT" to get the box for free (pay $2 shipping)

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  1. Hey! I've been following your blog for about a month now, and I really enjoy it! :) I'm new to blogging, and it's great to see fellow Texans in the blog world! I got the June Love with Food box also, and I really enjoyed it! And I was really excited to try out that $50. Wine gift card, but they don't allow us Texans to redeem the gift. Something about our legislators what is to pay more for wine! BOO! So anyway, just giving you a heads up on that. :)

  2. Hi Kimberly....I have to say I really enjoyed your blog post regarding Love with Food's June Box. I was equally excited to receive my box with all the tasty goodies. By far the best box I've received. You forgot to include that a special offer was also included for Food & Wine magazine. You can purchase a 1 year sub for just a $1 an issue! Is super easy just click on the link,