Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Juniper Box Review

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a Juniper Box free of charge for review purposes. With 3 women in the house, we go through a lot of tampons and pads...I know no one likes to shop for those type of things...and typically I forget who needs what and when (since we all have different preferences) and usually my hubby does the shopping...and you KNOW this is not something he likes to wee NEED a time of the month box in this house (well at least 2 of them actually)

With several of these type of boxes on the market these days I think it is important to experiment with a couple of them yourself (or at least read reviews like this of them) you need to find the "perfect fit for you" I mean pads and tampons are necessary...but in my experience it is the "extras" that sets the boxes apart from each other and you just need to discover when one works for you.

I personally really like the touches in this Juniper box!

My first peek into the Juniper Box,  on one side of the info card was a letter from Lynn (the found). One the other side, was a pretty typical information card with a couple little difference that I really liked (it was a picture of all the goodies in the box set up for photo shoot and then numbered, you read the description to the corresponding number) I see a LOT of information cards , so I notice when there is a difference.. I liked this set up...very nice.

Ok...the "real" first look... I will say I was surprised at how big the box was and how much was included in this Time Of the Month Box.

the tampons came in a separate box, inside the main box.

 10 Super tampons

12 regular tampons

assorted pads and pantyliner`1 for extra protection, or overnight usage.

a tampon information sheet is included, I was very happy to see this...not everyone knows about TSS and this is a little insurance the information is being given to all customers who chose the tampon package.

A couple packets of Midol because, well let's face it the bloating, cramping, irritability make us a little hard to live with so this is what I consider to be "my hubby's gift" since really it makes us easier to get along with.

This is a surprisingly large glycerine & olive oil completion bar. I haven't opened this up yet, but I love that it is included in this box to help "with the monthly outbreaks" that we usually get as well...perfect!!!

all the food related goodies came in this little bag, (actually the pads and Midol were in the little gold bag you see in the first picture above, I just forgot to take a picture of it by it's self evidently)

Pukka teas in Morning time, detox, and harmonise...perfect teas for reaching a relaxed state of mind and to help "destress", also included are GloryBee Honey sticks in orange, amaretto, and sour grape. The princess is a huge tea fan so this is perfect for her, but Kitty Kat loves honey (I mean REALLY loves honey) so I think she may take the flavored honey sticks and hide them before her sister gets a chance to even consider using them in her tea) I am actually kinda curious about these honey sticks too... I keep seeing them pop up in boxes, but kitty kat gets all the honey that arrives in this house so I have yet to try them.

J&M Key Lime cookies- it's a very good thing this bag wasn't any larger because umm... yea, I scarfed this down...and they were awesome with my afternoon coffee!

Nibnaks under the boardwalk (pineapple mango banana) - I just love the name "under the boardwalk" makes me start singing in my head...anyways these are incredible (tip:  add some pecans to it like a trail mix)

Brownie Bliss by inspired cookie- this was gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and wheat free....and it was frickin' awesome!!!  I of course had this with my afternoon coffee and I had planned to only eat half and let Kitty Kat try the other half (she is my brownie kid) sadly, Kitty Kat didn't get a chance to taste it because mamma couldn't stop with just half.

Look at all of these goodies that came in my Juniper Box...WOW!!! This is defiantly a box all about pampering and luxury items to get you through your period every get what you NEED, and then you get a lot of things you didn't think you needed but you certainly are glad they showed up at your doorstep...I loved this box and the thought and time put into making this box.

Want to try this box for yourself click here----->Juniper Box website

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I did not do a cost breakdown because, well.... it's hard to put a price on a service that makes your period easier!

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