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June Healthy Surprise Box and discount code

My June Healthy Surprise box actually arrived a couple weeks ago, but we have been busy sampling all the goodies in the box and I am just now getting around to my review.

For those of you who don't know Healthy Surprise is a snack box that is all organic, natural,gluten free, soy free and vegan. I think they are also considering a Paleo box in the future from what I understand.

I had originally ran across Healthy Surprise on Plum District about 7 or 8 weeks ago I think, They had an offer for $20 off your first box so I jumped all over that...I had no intention of keeping this box beyond that first heavily discounted box, but what can I say....we REALLY enjoyed the box and the healthy snacks that we discovered because of Healthy as you can see, I didn't cancel after all...

The folks over at Healthy Surprise know how to work some magic with some tissue paper let me tell ya.... These snacks come all wrapped up in bright tissue paper looking like a gift (almost makes you not want to tear into it like a crazed madwoman...almost, but my desire to know what was inside over came everything else....

This is what is written on the inside box lid...and it really impressed me...

"Despite all of our knowledge of health and farming, we're eating worse than ever. We have the best medicine, yet people are so sick! I couldn't figure out what was wrong until one day when I was starring at a menu and I realized I was looking for the "least worst option"  That's not what life is about  Let's find the "best great option" Every time we eat should be an opportunity to improve our health"

As someone who is chronically ill with an autoimmune disorder and on chemo as well as many other meds (many toxic themselves) for the rest of my life this really hit home for me I guess...there are many theories on why autoimmune disease are becoming more and more prevalent in today's society and one of those thoughts are things like the foods we eats and the chemicals we have in our lives...which is why I am slowly moving to a green  organic home.. this box just seemed to literally land in my lap at the perfect time in my life...

This was the first peek inside my June Healthy Surprise box, those macaroons were calling my name

Hail Merry  Strawberry Almond Macaroons $5.00- These yummy little bites of heaven are gluten free, GMO free and vegan...but taste only complaint was there is only 8 of the macaroons in each bag and Tuff Stuff loved these things (he was calling them Tuffy treats, and insisted on having a "Tuffy treat" whenever the furry kids got dog/cat treats...he didn't understand when they were gone, Plus hubby was having a hard time keeping his hands off of them after the first bite too ...guess who has to get more Hail Merry Strawberry Almond Macaroons...yep, me....

Beanitos restaurant style white bean chips with sea salt $2.95- we have had these in a few boxes now, and we like them quite a bit... especially with some salsa or hummus. These really do seem like "normal" chips.

Nibnakas crancherry tart (dried cranberries, dried cherries and almonds) $4.50, I actually can not find this product AT ALL on the internet, so I am totally guessing on the price...but that is what I would expect to pay for this... I am actually really bummed that I can find this at all because Tuff Stuff LOVED in I think I got ONE almond and he ate everything else! If I had known I wouldn't have been able to find them I would have kept the bag (so if anyone reading this has the bag will you look and see if it has a website or something on it, also if someone from Healthy Surprise is reading this could you PLEASE tell me how to order more of these, when a 2yr old scarfs something healthy down that quick you buy more...lots more!

Plum Kids organic Mashups (berry) $1.29- I typically am not real happy to see pouches in my boxes (I used to be, but as Tuff gets older we are less into pouches) anyways, Tuff wasn't feeling well one day last week, and wasn't eating well so I tried just giving him the pouch (actually I was going to use it to make a smoothie, but when he saw the pouch he asked for I gave it to him) He sucked it down in record time so it must have been pretty good!

GoPal's original brownie $2.69- this brownie is surprisingly good...I can't believe it is raw, organic, gluten free, and organic...for some reason I never thought a "raw foods" brownie would taste good at all... I am just in the last few months getting over my fear of gluten free baked goods and realizing they can be yummy...I guess it goes to show that you really can't knock it till you try it... I would totally eat one of these again (perfect with my afternoon coffee)

Just tomatoes (just $2.35- I have had these before, I think in a love with food box...maybe Goodies Co...either way, I learned my lesson... I DO NOT like these by themselves at all... I will be using these in my cooking (breakfast sandwich I believe is what I was told was the most awesome way to eat them...even in an omelette I think, or grilled cheese,  but I know I do not like them just plain as a snack)

caveman nuts $2.29- this is a bag of yummy sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts...that's all nothing else...this was delicious and I want more...that's about all I have to say...more please 

The daily crave breaking news veggie chips $2.99- the are pretty good as far as taste goes...but are really not a lot healthier than potato chips I think..the "veggie" in these chips is potato flour, tomato paste,spinach powder and beetroot powder.... so if you are vegan, and want some chips this is perfect, but for the average person just wanting to eat better I think these are not much better than a baked variety of conventional chips (but maybe that is me defending my love of multi grain sun chips) we did like these and would defiantly eat them again and they are healthier than a typical potato chip...but they are not "veggies" and I think some people make that mistake.

Rawkin' Spicy Beet Chips $6.25- I am going to admit right off the bat that I have not tried these yet...they scare me... I don't care for beets (granted, I don't think I have ever eaten a beet other than the nasty stuff forced upon me in childhood from a can...but after that who would ever want to try another beet...really?) all of that being said, I read some reviews on this (I had to have something to say besides...eeewwwyuck, didn't I ?  After reading the reviews, I will try them as they are said to have a spicy chili flavor (and I like chili peppers, so that's a good start, I hope...) I will defiantly report back on these...if anyone of ya;ll have tried them let me know what you think...

All totaled my June Healthy Surprise box came to $30.31 (although, I did guess at the price of the crancherry tart bag since I couldn't find it anywhere) The monthly cost of this box (the starter box size) is $33.00 a month plus shipping (6.99) so the cost of this box is greater than the cost of the items in the box, but if you take the shipping charges out of the equation it was only a dollar and change off of the price of the box (and I use Amazon prices when possible which are typically cheaper, and the one item I guessed on could have been the difference it's self) I do think that the service provided here off sets the small difference in the box cost vs the goods total, I do wish shipping was cheaper, but that is the perk of getting a larger box (with other plans besides the starter month to month the shipping is free)

I really do like the Healthy Surprise Box and love having good, healthy snacks on hand for my family and I without having to read labels, search, and go from store to I am discovering new brands and favorites by using this service.

One of the best features of Healthy Surprise is that you can skip, pause and cancel anytime you want.

The prices are :

Starter box 16- 20 servings  (shown in the review) $33 per month with 6.99 shipping
the healthy box 32-40 servings $66 per month free shipping
large box 48-60 servings $99 per month free shipping

Sign up here ----Healthy Surprise Website

to save $10.00 on your first order use code "READLABEL"

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  1. Those beet chips are SERIOUSLY FLIPPIN HOT. way way waaaaay more than i expected them to be.