Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Goodies box and get a FREE box

Goodies Co. is a monthly subscription that sends out 5-8 trial sized food products for $7 a month w/shipping included.  Yep just $7 for this little box of awesome, Just like Birchbox and a few others you write reviews on the site to earn points towards full size items or a free box. There is a waiting list , but the wait time is pretty quick (but actually I have a code to give you to bypass the wait list)

Let's get straight to the box, shall we. I got box # 2 & #3, (I get two boxes), the only difference was the flavor of one items and I will note that it the review)  for those who like to know the box variety number.

This was the first peek into the goodies boxes, I knew what was in one of the boxes since I had seen pictures of that number, but the other one I wasn't sure about and there is no way of knowing which box is which so I was actually "didn't" know what would be in the box.

Dream Water (nightTEA night flavor) - I love the Dream Water snoozeberry enough that I put it on my top 10 list (if you missed that post , see here) I am sure this one works just as well, so I am sure I will be happy with it no matter what the "flavor" I LOVE seeing these in my boxes!***update, I had this last night, and it was yummy.***

Lay's stax from Mexico (the packaging was in Spanish) this was the ADOBADAS flavor which is a spicy blend of tomato, chili and spice... I haven't decided if I like these or not yet...good thing I have two containers for taste testing

gimME roasted seaweed snacks in cheddar (and in honey Dijon in my 2nd box) - I am guessing that the vast majority of the population like seaweed snacks since we are seeing so much of them in all of the boxes recently...unfortunately I am NOT one of the ones who are wanting seaweed (I like it in my sushi, but not my snacking)

I was so disappointed to seethe only difference in my two boxes was a flavor variation on the seaweed...I am just not a fan of this current trend we are seeing in recent boxes...please let the seaweed go away soon (maybe it's just a summer thing...one can hope)

Duchy highland all butter shortbread cookies- these are delicious and I was left wanting more (and I have 2 packages) would loved to have had a bigger package (thinking this is a good place to spend some Goodies points)

Smooch Apple,raspberry& Peach pouch- Since Tuff Stuff is getting older I am not actively searching out food pouches, but I have to say this one sounds pretty yummy and I may use it for a smoothie or Popsicle.

Pringles stix in cheddar- thankfully I had two bags of these because I devoured the first bag myself while watching food network star (I am almost ashamed to admit that) I won't touch the other bag and leave it for everyone else to try.

This was everything included in the June goodies box (pictured is box #2, the only difference on box #3 was the honey Dijon seaweed snacks) I do not do a price breakdown on Goodies because well...it's only $7.00 and I certainly got $7.00 worth of snack discovery. I am very excited every month to see what Goodies Co. has put togather and that was why I added the second box. While I will admit this box was not as awesome as say , last month it was still really a good deal especially considering the price of dream water (since I use dream water regularly it is a nice thing to receive in boxes)

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