Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Fancy Food box

One of the many boxes I have recived this week was my Fancy Food box, I am always eagerly awaiting this box. I think I have mentioned a time or two the food box is my favorite of all the Fancy boxes.As an added bonus I actually received my June box in , get this JUNE...I know that sounds like a "given" but with my Fancy boxes typically I do not receive my boxes in the correct month...I sincerely hope that this is a sign of better things to come  from their shipping department. My box did arrive pretty beaten up (it wasn't easy to get a "pretty" piscture of the box for the blog but this one turned out OK...even thought the box had a rough trip the Fancy packs these babies up in bubble wrap and packing paper so even though it's mostly glass only my cookie was crumbled.

PB overload cookie by the cravory $2.00
my cookie did arrive a little broken, but it was still yummy. I have spent a little time looking at the cravory's webpage...drooling... I simply must order the red velvet cookies and the pancakes and bacon cookies...they will be mine!!!

Morris Kitchen Ginger syrup $12.00
I am the more excited about this bottle of ginger syrup than anything else, Ginger is GREAT for nausea and  unfortunately no matter how long I am on chemo I still have the nausea problems (although not as bad as before) I drink a lot of ginger-ale, chew ginger gum, drink ginger tea...well with this syrup I can make my own ginger ale , make my own tea and I am sure I will find several other uses for it...super happy about this!!!

Tin Mustard $7.00
reading the reviews on this I can't wait to cook with it. I am the only one in the house that really likes mustard (but when I cook with it the only one who notices is Kitty Kat, so I just don't cook with it when she is home)  I am planning a marinade and a salad dressing(vinaigrette) with this, they also enclosed a recipe card for a nice salad I will try...that's what I will "slip" this into at least... I personally LOVE a good mustard, and plan to enjoy it on anything possible 

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in salty caramel apple $2.00
you know, I really like salt water taffy, but I just never think to get some...never crosses my mind at all until I see it and then it's like "I must have it NOW"  I bookmarked the webpage so I can order some to keep on hand. I received the salty carmael apple and let me tell you "Kitty Kat"  and I were eating this as we were unpacking my box, it was still warm and gooey from being in the Texas heat but we wanted the Taffy...NOW!!! That was a couple days ago and I just ate another piece while typing this review and it was even better now that t is the correct tastes like a spiced apple pie....yum, yum, yum

Rick's Picks Handy corn $6.95
I have never eaten a corn relish, but I have eaten corn salsa and i know I like that so I plan to use this as a base for corn salsa (add some avocado, tomato, and jalapeno) just thinking about it has my mouth will be perfect for our family 4th of July BBQ

Rufus Teague honey sweet BBQ sauce $14.00

I have mised feelings about this sauce, I don't know if I have mentioned it but I am very picky about my BBQ (it's a family thing) we make our own sauces(mopping sauce as well as table sauce) we have certain pits that cook a particular type of meat, we do not deviate from is pure Czech BBQ...period...I am sure that this is a great BBQ sauce, but I will be gifting this unless I can find some other use for it.

Gama Go cool pop spatula $10.00
I love this spatula, it is too stinkin' cute!! I can always use a new spatula since I am always cooking or baking something. Very happy to see this in my box (now I think I need to buy it in the other colors too)

All totalled my June Fancy Food box's total value was $53.94, so more than the full price of the box (39 + 7.95 shipping = 46.95. I of course didn't pay full price for this box, I had a $20 off coupon. unfortunately at the moment I can't locate any high dollar discounts, only "FOLLOWUP10" for 10% off any purchase, if I find a another one you know I will post it. 

you can sign up for the fancy here The Fancy, if you haven't visited the fancy's website you should go exploring on it's free to sign up and create an account . The only way to explain the Fancy's site is pinterest crossed with Amazon... I can spend hours just clicking away on there. You can of course purchase any of their man boxes as well if you like (just type fancy box in the search bar and browse from there since they have the regular fancy box, fancy food box, Tyler Florence box, Jennifer Love Hewitt box, Pink box, Ashton Kutcher box, CoCo box, and verbal box...whew, that's a mouth full) 

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