Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Fab Kids

I recently received an email from FabKids offering me a free outfit (just pay shipping) At this time FabKids is just for girls but in August they will release their boy's line (Just in time for school shopping) Since my daughters are adults, I really hadn't given FabKids much thought beyond the time I looked at their site and discovered that didn't offer boys clothing (yet). When I received the offer to try them for free, I decided to go ahead and get an outfit for one of my cousin's daughters and do a review of FabKids girls's line and then when they launch the boys's line I will hopefully be reviewing them again (a lot, I miss our clothing boxes we used to get)

When you log onto FabKids, you can choose many different option (shop by wardrobe, outfit, style, or item) and I noticed many of the usual member options have 2 complete outfits including hair accessories for the flat rate price of $39.99...those were not options for my free outfit (and I completely understand why) I did email and verify that you CAN use the new member 50% off to get one of the collections that has two complete outfits (that's a great deal 2 complete outfits, including accessories for $19.99)

Ok, so let's look at what I got for Miss Lexie to wear this summer, I will admit I was thinking 4th of July BBQ when I picked this outfit.

Demim Bermuda $28.00- favorite everyday cutoff shorts in super soft denim.
I love these, completely adorable and the frayed edges are perfect to give that retro look 

Gingham Summer Tank $28.00- all I can say is LOVE IT, I am a big fan of gingham anyways, but seriously this is the cutest top (kinda wish I could find one in my size) it is a great summer "picnic" feeling design and the top flares out at the bottom so that is hangs perfectly on any little girl.

Cute little Yellow headband, to give some color contrast, but it pulls together this fun in the sun feeling outfit perfectly! my only complaint is the glitter on it, but I am just not a "glitter fan" the good news is this isn't for my's for my cousin's kiddo so I don't have to like the glitter.

the total value of this outfits is $ 62.00, and since all "credits" cost $39.95 . this would have been a a great bargain if I had paid for this, I was given the option to built an outfit and just pay shipping. There is also a section on the FabKids website for sale items, I saw some things as low as $2.99

I think that the best value on this site is defientlyv the 50% off for new members and using it to get one of the sets that has a couple outfits and accessories for $19.99... I can't wait for them to launch the boys line so that I can become a regular customer....until then I guess I know what my family members with girls will be getting as gifts.

You can get 50% off your first order by using my link here----->FabKids website (so you can pick an entire "set for 19.95" sometimes those sets even have 2 outfits included, if you can get one of those deals I say jump on can always cancel later)

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  1. This is cute! Seems like a good deal at 50% off. It seems like FabKids has some trendy things. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping... have you guys tried that yet? You sign up for just the gender and size of your child then they text you clothes to purchase... pretty fun and easy. You can check it out at Great blog and great review!