Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Dollar shave club review (with bonus items) and a GIVEAWAY

June Dollar Shave Club box (has a couple new players in the box)

Ok, so as I was opening my boxes after vacation, I had hubby open this box (I was reviewing it for him anyway) he was cracking me up wit his commentary...soooo, we are trying something different hubby (the Yankee) will be doing this review...and I will add in when necessary....

 This box is definitely a man's best friend.  When  I first saw what was included I thought... "LIGHT BULB". Years of shaving with dull blades, because buying new blades for the numerous razors always skipped my mind.  I received a "Dollar Shave Club" membership card, which was cool... but the most interesting item (to us) will be discussed soon.

When I opened the box, I got a chuckle out of the stamped "Welcome" message.  For those of you on the east coast, I work for the "Better Bank", so when I was being welcomed to your better bathroom, I was WOWed!  

The last (and definitely most memorable) item is the flush-able wet wipes from One Wipe Charlie.  Where do I begin, without cracking a smile.  The folks at Dollar Shave club were nice enough to include a card specifically for this product.  When I think of "My Team", I don't usually include my butt as a "key player", but after reading the card and the packaging, I will never overlook the most critical players on my team and insure they are pampered correctly.  We have used moist towelettes off and on for many years, but after digesting the information provided by One Wipe Charlie, I was ready to put the "rubber to the road" so to speak.  

Next, I pulled the shave butter out, as well as the enclosed card with directions for use.  The directions reference a sample packet, but they sent us a full size (6 oz) tube.  It states "Non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin".  I will be putting this product to the test, as my skin is extremely sensitive to everything.  When I shave, ivory soap is my primary "shaving creme", as everything else irritates my skin.  

 Kimberlee was shocked to know that the blade currently on my Mach 5 is a year old.  I'm sure there are numerous men would are religious about replacing their blades on a regular basis.  I would easily join that  rank, if it didn't slip my mind all the time.  Having a service deliver fresh, clean and SHARP blades on a monthly basis is simple and very welcomed at our house.I was impressed with the quality of the the razor provided.  I would have thought it would be just a cheap disposable razor, but it actually had some weight to it. The replacement blades have (4) blades instead of my usual (5) blades, but I didn't see a huge difference when I went from (3) to (5) blades, so it won't be noticed by me.  

This box is one that I will look forward to each and every month, not just for the convenience it provides me, but because I am happy to support a company that provides a needed service, but is witty with their marketing ideas.  Dollar Shave club is a welcomed friend to my bathroom!  

OK so this is how the pricing works for the dollar shave club

a twin blade razor and 5 cartridges a month is just $1.00 a month plus shipping

a quad razor with 4 cartridges a month is just $6.00 a month (shipping is included on this one)
a six blade razor with 4 cartridges this one costs $9.00 a month with shipping included.

these are the subscription plans, but you can add on as well (but they are one time purchase add ons...meaning anytime you decide you want them you manually have to add them to your order.

The Shave Butter is $8.00 add on, and the butt wipes are $4.00 to add on whenever you would like.

The total for the box my hubby so graciously reviewed for us today was $18

the link to order your own subscription or add on's  for the man in your lie (heck, I smelled that shave butter mamma may snag it) anyway the link to Dollar Shave club is Dollar Shave dollar shave club sign upi

the dollar shave club was kind enough to send this box for review purposes and to also offer to allow one of my readers to win the exact box you see here (with all the add on's the full box as shown is $20.00 so prices range from $1.00 to 20.00 options...not bad at all)

Just follow the instructions in the raffle-copter below and good luck... I will run this giveaway for 1 week!


  1. My hubby will love new blades on a monthly basis. I constantly forget to buy them!

  2. I think he would laugh over the butt wipes! lol. And he would like the shave butter. :)

  3. My whole family would use this box - even the girls. Men's shaving stuff is just so much better so we are always buying them. This would be a perfect win for the whole family :)

  4. My hubby would love something like this!! I'm def going to have to tell him!! TY :)

  5. The convenience of it! We are always running out last minute :-( Great idea! Jenn Fields

  6. He would definitely like the wipes LOL Great box!

  7. He would Think the wipes are hilarious, but would really enjoy the shave cream!

  8. I'm curious how these blades compare to store-bought. Might be worth it!

  9. He'd love to get a box that's totally about him, and things we don't just buy from the store. He'd probably like the shave cream.

  10. Razors! He hates buying them! LOL hes a simple man the smallest things excite him!

  11. I think my husband would like the shave butter the best.

    Love, KarenAnn


  12. I'm sure my husband would love the new razor blades each month. He actually does remember to buy the blade cartridges, but I always snag them all, haha!! :) So, this will be a nice 'for him' gift. Although..I may have to snag that shave butter too. ;P

  13. Replacing a blade every week? I'm like the hubby in this article. I go months and months and months on a blade. New blade every week seems wasteful. I agree that nothing shaves like a new blade. But after two or three shaves the newness is gone, and they really don't get any worse until they start to rust. I use Gillette disposables.

  14. I was hoping it was a review of a lady user! I've been trying to see if anyone talks about how it works on "sensitive" areas.