Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Citrus Lane box review and discount code

I am catching up on the boxes from our little vacation now (I am working on yesterdays boxes now....but yesterday 6 or 7 boxes arrived so I still have a big stack of boxes to review)

For those who are not aware of what Citrus Lane is all about, Citrus Lane is a goodie box for babies and toddlers costing $25 per month (less with multiple month subscriptions) that is age appropriate and gender specific to your child. Typically including 4 to 6 items. most times a feeding or food item, a toy, a book, personal care item for baby and a surprise gift for mom as well. Not all the boxes have that exact combination I just described, but you get the idea.

so let's see what Tuff Stuff' got in his May box (and YES, he know the yellow box is for him and says "box, box, box" when it arrives)

I had seen spoilers online, so I kinda knew what was coming but I also know that all boxes have variations especially since I didn't see the exact age/gender of my little munchkin so I was excited to tear into it right away (well, let's be honest I opened treatsie first but this was a close second)

This was the first look into our "fun in the sun" box 

Dot to Dot chalk from Alex Toys $ 2.95
I will give Citrus Lane this, these chalk sticks are cute  with the contrasting colors  polka dot sticks and I like the chalk holder, but my son just pulls the chalk out of the holders usually (but nice for me when I am playing with him) We have a LOT of chalk already having recently stocked up during a sale, but we always welcome sidewalk chalk and these polka dot one are cute.

I play toddler sun protection hat (SPF 50+) $12.00
I really got lucky with this one because we love this hat. The blue and green grasshopper  print is perfect for Tuff Stuff, and he is finally keeping hats on pretty good these days (but this does have ties to keep in on as well)  My little guy is super fair complected, blond hair and blue eyes and burns very easily (like I have to lather his hair in sunscreen to keep his scalp from burning) so I am very happy to have a hat with SPF

Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 from episencial $8.25
this was a little dissapointing because it appeared we were getting a full sized tube of this in our box, but there was a sticker on the tube letting us know it was a citrus lane exclusive package that only had 1.5 oz in it so it was a bit of a let down... I am still happy to try this brand and it will be nice to have some back up sunscreen in the bag at all times) I usually have SPF 50 on hand because he and I both are very sun sensitive (but that one isn't all natural and I do want to find a natural sunscreen for Tuff Stuff to use and he tolerates sun better than I do so I think SPF would be OK for him in a pinch...

Haba Baudino Riddle $5.69
Not gonna lie to you, I call this a "sand toy" that baudino riddle thing was news to me (Google image thank you very much) anyways...this is a sand toy/water toy, my little guy like to "dig in the dirt" , but not sure this is gonna work for him but I know it will work in the bathtub if nothing else and he always enjoys new toys.

All totaled this month's citrus lane came up to $28.89, which is just slightly over the $25.00 a month cost of the NO, it wasn't a "wow factor box" that we usually expect from citrus lane,  but I still got what I paid for and we will use every thing in the box and I absolutely love the hat already and I have been wanting to try the episenceial products anyway so I get to do that as well.

If you want to get your munchkin a citrus Lane surprise box as well, here is the link ----> Citrus Lane website , this link will give you $10 off your first box($15.00 total cost for your box) and give me $10.00 off my next box as well or you can try the code "TAKEHALF" and if it is still working you can get your first box for $12.50

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