Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Bluum (25 month smart start male) and 50% off discount code

I have reviews several  Bluum boxes, I had been considering it for awhile but because they  "revamped" their boxes  a while back and all boxes are now full size boxes instead of the previous sample boxes. The price did increase, but I think it was worth the increase in price... so I finally took the plunge....and over all I have been happy...

Bluum does their boxes "by the age of the child" in months and every month is a different theme. This month we had the 25 mth old "smart start" and I LOVE it...may be one of my favorite toddler boxes ever!
One of the things I am liking about Bluum  is that when you review your box items you earn points (like birchbox) once you accumulate 500 points you earn a free month (there are other ways to earn points as well) 

Ok so lets get to the goodies in the box....

This was the first glimpse of Tuff Stuff's "smart Start" and it only took one look to make me very happy (I was spoiler free on this one because I couldn't find any so I was pleasantly surprised)

I just wanted to include a picture of the theme card because it was just too stinkin' cute ...

Little Pim French Wake Up Smiling$13.99 on sale at Target online  right now- (Disc 2) introduces 60 French words and phrases for morning and bedtime routines. Join Little Pim and pals as they wash up, brush their teeth, and get ready for a fun, happy day! This Little Pim DVD is part of a series . I am VERY happy to have this and since this is disc 2  I actuallywent ahead and bought the first one...

Banz- Banz Kiz in blue $15.00- This is another big hit for use (it even matches the bucket hat with SPF from Citrus Lane) My little guy has a couple pair of sunglasses like any stylish toddler, but I like that these have the band to keep them in place for when he is being a typical toddler and refuses to keep them on (this happens quite often)

just another pic of the Kidz Banz

Ella's Kitchen Apples and Strawberries nibbly fingers $4.15- we never turn down food around here so no complaints and these are healthy so no guilt!

The was an old lady who swallowed a fly $5.39- we actually already have this book (that isn't Bluum's fault that didn't kow we had it) , but I am just going to gift this or take it to my mom's for the munchkin to have over there. We ALWAYS enjoy books in our boxes so no complaints here!

Bath time Dolphin Flute by B kids $10.99 .• Make bath time even more fun with this tootin' cute dolphin flute....All I can say on this one is how cute...but loud too!! My little guy is happy and that makes me happy. We really like the B kids bath toys so always nice to get more.

7th heaven mud mask (two argile marocaine) for mom $5.00- Ummm...Yes and thank you!!!

All totaled my June Bluum Box totaled $54.52 and the full cost of Bluum is  $24.95 so I think it's  worth it the monthly cost!!! want a box click here----->Bluum Page

code "pampers" or "saveme6" should still be working for 50% off as well
As I mentioned above Bluum has a point system similar to Birchbox so you earn pints towards a free box that way...points for ordering your box, points for reviewing the items in your box on their website, and obviously  points for referring your friends too.

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