Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Be Pawsitive Box (new subscription box service)

Be Pawsitive is a brand new subscription box service that provides monthly treats for your dogs. Be Pawsitive just launched earlier this month and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to receive a box for review purposes.
Since Be Pawsisitve is a new company, I had no idea what to expect. I was surprised to discover that Be pawsitive was actually a local company for me here in North Texas. 
Be Pawsitive not only provides you with healthy organic treats for your furry babies, but also donates a bag of treats to the shelter of your choice for every box your purchase as well... I love that!!!

Ok, enough details let's get onto the box since that is why you are all reading this anyways...

my first look in at the box, I don't know why but I was surprised that the bag of treats was as big as it was...I should have known based on the size of the box, but I  can be dense like that this point I think Miss Libby knew this box was "for her" and started whining until I gave her a sample for her approval 

11 oz all natural and Healthy organic small batch  oven baked dog biscuits(baked and distributed by Wagatha's especially for Be Pawsitive) Romeo and Miss Libby were very happy to see these and give them "two paws up" for taste!

$25 gift card to, I never knew this site existed!! I just spent about 45 minutes looking at pet-sitters in my area (remember I am in a little tiny hick town yet they had quite a few for my area, very happily surprised!) Typically when we go away one of my adult children stays with my furry kids, but I know they can't always drop what they are doing to watch their furry brothers and sisters or we may go an a family vacation with the girls as well so very happy to find this service (and very affordable too)...also reassuring to know that if I do end up having a hospital stay we can just hire someone to stop by during the day to check on the babies or let them out to potty... heck I may do a "trial run" with one of the sitters using this gift card just to make sure I like the service and at least one "sitter" just in case...

 decal/sticker of the Be Pawsitive paw print logo- this is super cute (my youngest daughter and I were actually talking about this last night) Since Be Pawisitive is a "local company" for me (or as local as I can get here in cattle country) I think I may actually put this on the truck, or one of the girls will put it on their's...gotta support local business/charities)

this is the backside of a cute postcard advertisement that comes with the box that reminds you that in purchasing a box from Be Pawsitive you are also providing treats for shelter dogs as well (give one, buy for every bag you buy Be Pawsitive donates one as well) It is always a bonus when one of my "monthly surprises  not only gives me, my kids, hubby, or my pets something to look forward to and enjoy but also gives back and makes you feel good about buying from them (and hey, if it helps you justify the purchase t your hubby that's a bonus for you too , right?)

This was my complete Be Pawsitive box and I am very pleased (really the gift card alone covers the cost of this box , hint , hint...)

And remember Be Pawsitive donates the bag "from you" to the shelter of YOUR it is not just for "local shelters" you pick where you want your donation to other company allows you to decide where to donate your "freebie" that I am aware of, just one more reason I am loving Be Pawsitive! Every month will include a large bag of dog treats (around 55 individual pieces), a sponsored product, gift-card  or discount code, and updated on the work being done by Be Positive for animals awaiting adoption across the country.
Customers can choose from one of three monthly subscription options:

monthly subscription (pay as you go) $24 per month
3 months subscription ($66 (cost drops to $22 per month)
6 month plan $108 (cost drops to $18 per month)

you can also give a box as a gift if you would like.

the link to Be Pawsitive is here, make sure you get one for your pup and one to share with the local animal shelter of your choice!!

Disclosure: I was provided with this box at no charge for review purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own and are honest reflections of my opinion.No compensation was received for this review.

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