Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Bark Box

Recently bark Box offered me an opportunity to review one of their monthly dog boxes for review purposes. I was all over a monthly box for my furry babies (I think by now most of you realize the furry kids are a little on the spoiled side) I was super excited to get the opportunity to review this months's bark box

For those who are unaware Bark Box is a monthly subscription service for your canine children. you let them know what size dog you have so that they send appropriate sized goodies and then once a month your four legged babies are gonna get their own monthly surprise box (I actually love these pet boxes as much/more than they do) prices range from 

this was the first look into our June Bark Box. It just so happened my mom was here when I opened this box (she is still trying to understand the whole blogging thing not to mention my obsession with monthly subscription boxes) I point out my mom was here because the first thing she commented on was the packaging...she really liked the paper with the printed doggy related stuff on it, I agree the packaging is adorable!

As most boxes bark Box includes a monthly info card... This may be the first time I am going to quote what is written word for word as the introduction though... I can't help it I LOVE THIS.. obviously not the entire card but... this was the explanation of the items chosen for this box...

Family and food are at the core of team BarkBox's 4th of July plans, and what combines the two better than a picnic? This month's box is a puppy picnic basket, complete with food, drink, and even supplements to soothe firework-induced anxiety....

Yes, this is the June box but bark Box ships mid month so this is their 4th of July box and I LOVE IT

The first item I pulled out of the box was Bowser Beer $3.33. This is a beef based drink without alcohol or carbonation. It is actually fortified with glucosamine which is great for joints (perfect for my Romeo Love since he is elderly, and on meds for his hips already) you can pour over food or over ice as a slushy for puppy or add to water. I am going to make a puppy beer slushy in the magic bullet I think Romeo will enjoy this for sure and he might share with Miss Libby (well for 4th of July we use her full name...Miss Liberty Bell...usually if she hears the words Liberty bell she knows she is in TROUBLE...but it's always fun to use her patriotic name on national holidays)

puptato chips by puppy cake $4.99. These are all natural and sweet potato based treats for your pups. I don't think I have discussed this yet on The Dragon Slayer Mommy, but Romeo is a carb junkie. I am not joking about Romeo and carbs...you put a steak and a loaf of bread on the counter and he goes for the bread (trust me here, it has happened more than once...one time he even ate a raw potato even though there was jerky there as well) Obviously with Romeo having carb cravings (strange for a dog) he is gonna love these chips for sure and I somehow doubt Miss Liberty Bell will get any of them without a fight.

Grilled sirloin burgers by Whole life $4.95
the cute little doggy burgers are made from real freeze dried meats from the USA and are all natural.Miss  Liberty Bell is stalking the box ever since I put the the bag back into the box, she knows these are hers evidently (she is amazingly aware of which boxes are for her usually) she is my freeze dried treat lover and these have her name written all over them.

Dale Edgar Calm K9 nurti wafers $7.48
I know we have discussed many times the extent of Miss Liberty Bell's anxiety problems, I am always looking for items to help keep her calm without having to use prescription medications which over a period of time would cause liver problems for her. When I saw this box inside the Bark Box I was so happy... her anxiety is something we deal with almost daily, but this time of year it gets much worse because of fireworks. I live in the country, surrounded by cattle pastures and fireworks are legal to shoot off out here. The firework stands opened this weekend and so it begins...daily from now until the weekend after the 4th (and again around new years) I had jokingly told my mom I was sending the puppy princess to stay with her for a couple weeks this year, but really it is something we have thought about because the fireworks are so difficult on her. I have tested these wafers already to see how they would work (I needed to know in advance so I could decide if she needed prescription meds filled) She is more mellow overall, although I do think that I may have to give her the recommended "double dose" on the 4th as well as the following weekend but for now this is working and since we have extreme anxiety issues year round this will likely be a product I keep on hand year round if it keeps her of prescription meds.

Heartland Premium Butcher's Block Bones: The Champ $8.99
This 8" beef shank bone is slow roasted for up to 36 hours and infused with natural flavoring. Made in the USA from USDA inspected beef...but even on the package it says very clearly do not use on carpet...very very messy treat...we actually get these for the dogs a few times a year. Romeo will chomp on it until the messy stuff is gone and then he is done with it...Miss Liberty Bell on the other hand will drag these around with her for weeks (as a puppy they were bigger than she was and she would steal them from Romeo) I love these because they are all natural, and made from young cattle so that the bones are less likely to splinter and cause problems for my babies.

All totaled the June bark Box came to $ 29.74, which is more than the cost of the monthly cost of $29 a month (as low as $19 a month with a multiple month subscription) I did receive this month's box complimentary for review purposes, but it is certainly a box we will want to get in the future as well!

I think that Bark Box is one of the best discovery boxes I have found for dogs, a wide variety of treats most from companies I had never heard of and most are things we will use again...and just finding the Calm K-9 for Miss Liberty Bell was worth much more than the cost of the box

So You want to get your baby a box of their own?, or just want to see more info? click here------>BarkBox Website

***this box was received for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own (or that of my furry four legged children, no compensation was received for this review***

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  1. I really love this box, I'm not sure which one out of all the great boxes I've seen would be best for me to get so these wonderful reviews help a lot!

    - Laura