Saturday, June 15, 2013

hidden benefits of being a subscription box addict and blogger

I was trying to explain the who subscription box thing to my grandmother (who is in her 90s) and she was really having a difficult time understanding the reason someone would spend so much money on boxes that they may or may not like every month just once, much less multiple boxes a month like I do... so I decided to break it down to basics (I am somewhat used to having to defend my box addiction to quite a few people, as I have said you either "get it" or you don't....and most people in my day to day life "don't") Knowing my granny, I figured the best way to approach this was to explain what draws "me" to the boxes and keeps me going back again and again. (my granny has 9 children, 32 grandchildren, and I quite honestly can't keep track of how many great grandchildren but it is over 40, I mention this because she has seen and heard it all at this point so I would have to touch her on a personal level to make her understand my love for boxes...and while I was at it I was going to go ahead and try to explain blogging to her as well since she didn't understand "what it is that I do" besides being a mommy since I became disabled) I am just going to write this out as my side of the conversation as it will be easier to understand and follow that including her questions as well...she is an incredibly sheltered religious woman, having been part of a Pentecostal /Mennonite type church her entire extravagant spending on boxes seems almost sinful in her mind, but certainly irresponsible and blogging to her is the same as "airing your dirty laundry, gossip, and being to lazy to work (she gives me a free pass there since I am medically unable to work )

I started with the blogging...she knows and understands how difficult it has been for me to have a very rare disease that no one knows about, so rare that I can only find "others like me" online (which is why my using the computer is OK and not "worshiping a false idol by the way) Not only is is very difficult to find others who understand my's even harder to be "alone" most of the illness makes me pretty much live in isolation because of the risk of getting sick from going into public places...I started blogging as a way to share my life as a "dragon slayer mommy" that is someone with AOSD and is also a mommy...which is SUPER rare...we typically don't have children because of our meds pregnancy isn't easy or wise and day to day life with a toddler is difficult to say the least... what I discovered in the process of creating the dragon slayer mommy blog was how therapeutic it was for me to just "talk" to other adults....even in blog form...then I started writing reviews of the boxes I was already in love with and...well the rest is history you could say.... here I am amazed at how many new hits and followers I get every day for how new my blog is...I am loving every second of it, not just the boxes...don't get me wrong, the boxes are GREAT, I love them and I don't see that changing in the future....but I simply love to blog as well, I have never been "Miss outgoing" so it is surprising that I am so comfortable writing my blog...whatever pops into my head...even the bad parts of knowing that I am dying...blogging makes it all better...

OK, the boxes...that's what brings you all to this page anyway...right?

So my explanation of the boxes and why they were good for me, and it wasn't just me being selfish and irresponsible our money...boxes make me happy.... it's a little more detailed than that , but that is the sum of everything I am about to say.

You have to understand where I was in my life around the beginning of this year... I was more depressed than I would have ever thought possible, and more alone than any human should ever be... I needed "Something/anything" to pull me out of my funk... I also desperately needed some new clothes for my son since I was unable to "go shopping" and my hubby try as he might, just isn't "stylish" on baby clothes... enter Wittlebee... I know for most of you Birchbox was the "gateway drug" for your box addiction...for me it was Wittlebee (I guess the mom in me makes even my spending obsessions about my kiddos... so I at one point had multiple Wittlebee accounts and was getting a WB box every week or so, then I decided to order a "box for me" too... that was Love with food...simple easy... the baby needed clothes, so that was an expense we would have had anyway and Love with food was only $2.00 that first month, and only $12.00 after that... and it was food so the whole family could enjoy it right? came Birchbox....then I stumbled over a couple of blogs about subscription boxes one day.... I know I must have run across many blogs in those early days...but two stand out, and are still part of my daily routine even today having my own blog about subscription boxes....Ramblings of a Suburban mom and my subscription addiction.... I was so intrigued by all these boxes, the blogs themselves, and the thrill of it all..... my husband likely wishes I had never sen those two blogs... All things considered my husband is very supportive of my new "hobby" as he puts it when referring to the boxes....and is extremely supportive when it comes to the blog... considering I purchased about 20 different boxes for the month if June it is a good thing he is supportive...I am finally getting to the point some boxes are being offered for review and that is GREAT....but trust me, I do pay for 99% of the boxes you see here on my blog (and even more tha you see because some boxes I actually get multiples of...they are all food based boxes that I subscribe to multiples every month, and they are typically the same box just I receive 2 instead of 1 so no need to write a duplicate review for the second box...if there is a flavor variance I will usually mention it in the review I do)

But I got off topic...I was saying WHY boxes are beneficial for me and why subscribing to so many is a GOOD thing... there is the obvious "boxes make me happy" but it is more than that....let's take my favorite subscription as an example... Olio Luxe... I absolutly LOVE this subscription, not only do I receive all natural , usually organic and vegan skincare made in small batches with love, BUT it is honestly making an incrediable difference in the way my skin looks...which then makes me feel better about how I look ...which makes my opinion of myself better...I feel like I should jump in right here and clarify that I absolutly DO NOT get ANY kind of "kick back " from Olio Luxe, there is no referral program, no blogger discount short, there is no benefit whatsoever for me to sing the praises of Olio Luxe as much as I do.... I am simply telling you about an incrediable subscription service from a virtually unknown small indie skincare line... I am always saying how much I love Olio Luxe simply because I DO LOVE them... I tell everyone in real life the same thing...this is not a shameless plug for a friend's company... I have never met the owner Amanda, nor do I think I ever will...I simply would like to help spread the word about how wonderful these products are and how great my skin looks because of them...did I mention they are SUPER affordable???
OK so back to what I was saying...because the the Rose Gold Luxe oil makes my skin look so great I do feel better about myself (one of my meds caused acne that was worse than I had even in high school...I was a 40 yr old using prescription acne I don't use the acne meds and look great even though I still take the medication that causes the acne)... it isn't only the olio luxe that makes me feel good about myself though...I mean let's be honest here, those of us who get multiple boxes are "pretty spoiled" Birchbox introduces me to so many new products (like the Vasanti brightenup, I talked about on my top 10 list) that make me feel beautiful...I get new and unique "gifts" all month long...I mean before I started my box obsession I was someone who really didn't buy things for myself...perhaps that is because I was a single mom for so many years that I just learned to "do with out" but my hubby used to FORCE me to get new clothes, shoes, or "pampering items" and often I still wouldn't and he would end up guessing and getting the things he thought I needed for I get everything I could possibly need from my boxes and SOOOO much more... I get everything from snacks to panties in my boxes....electronics to supplies to make my own canned and dog items to clothing for my husband....items needed for my period to handmade collectible ceramics....boxes for every member of my family adult children to my parents, my hubby , my sister, nieces, nephew and even items for my cousins and their short my box addiction actually covers all of my shopping and gifting needs... Yes, I may spend a great deal on boxes, but it is the only real expense we have other than our bills and groceries (even groceries are much less because of my box items) I am learning about green, organic eco friendly living, how to do more "self sustainable" living, and finally embracing the gluten free lifestyle that was much needed to help with my inflammation problems related to my AOSD... all of this from my they just plain make me feel good... I am home bound, I don't get to go places...I go to the Dr and to my family's homes...even right now I am sitting in a hotel room alone while my son and my hubby are out having fun... even my vacations are closely monitored for being exposed to illness... I will spend tomorrow doing a drive through animal safari since I can stay in the car and limit exposure and plan to take my son to a dinosaur park and fossil area (it is outside which helps limit the germs being concentrated...but if it is too busy then I will have to come back to the boxes give me something to look forward to ... something to keep me up to date and gives me something to talk about with the outside world... my boxes are therapeutic, plain and simple...when you break it all down they are both practical and therapeutic since I don't have to purchase gifts for anyone, as many as I get each month it honestly keeps my family and I in clothes, my daughters and I in skincare and beauty items, healthy snacks, new electronics even my pet care needs... 

so ladies, next time your hubby tells you to stop buying boxes or ask what the heck you were thinking ....try using my reasons for keeping so many boxes and see if you can't convince him (or yourself) that just one more box is OK...

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  1. I have seven kids ages 1 to 22 and I totally hear you. I do not have the chronic illness you face but I know as a working mom trying to balance everything how hard depression and that feeling of loneliness can hit. I truly believe there is nothing wrong with treating yourself good because everyone deserves happiness. I also love subscription boxes because it takes shopping in many ways out of the equation for me. I can get subscriptions like Kiwi Crate or Ivykids and have instant crafts that would have cost me much more to get and make on my own. I do think there are real savings in subscription boxes. Especially when you have coupon codes. My kids love getting their boxes and I love spending quality time with them. I am loving Kidstir and Ivy kids right now. I also just tried my first Glossybox, Ipsy, Escape and Bijoux box. I follow both of the websites you mention and have to really watch that i don't go over board, lol. I could never afford this many makeup products if I hadn't done it this way. Some I keep subscribing to now based on my budge and some I put on hold each month. I am having fun and even my family seems to be enjoying the boxes. Not everyone is going to understand the allure of subscription boxes but from a mommy standpoint, and a very practical standpoint, they really can make life more fun and take some stress off our plates. Hugs to you.