Monday, June 17, 2013

Box teasers

Hi ya' vacation took a bit too much out of me so I am spending the day resting... I know I promised a whole mess of reviews today but I just don't think I will feel up to it... I did want to go ahead and give ya'll a preview of the boxes though... if I feel a bit better tonight I will knock out a post or two!!!

this is the new Woof Wag Play Box, pretty sure I have a discount code for this one... I will have to check... I LOVE all organic doggie box that also donates proceeds to's GREAT

these are most of the boxes I still need to review (also the woof wag play pictured above, the Beauty box five and whatever fed Ex brings this evening) I will be cranking out reviews like a mad woman once I am up and moving again... Some of these I am so excited abut I can't stand it but my hands just won't let me type it all up

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