Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bluum Box May 2013 and code for 50% off a box

This is my second  Bluum box, I had been considering it for awhile but because they recently "revamped" their boxes  a while back and all boxes are now full size boxes instead of the previous sample boxes. The price did increase, but I think it was worth the increase in price... so I finally took the plunge....

Bluum does their boxes "by the age of the child" in months and every month is a different theme. Our box was for a 23 month old boy and the theme was "Let's Play" and encourages "creative" play. When I got mt email telling me my box had shipped it did tell me that the theme was "Let's Play" but no other information. Bluum does not send a detailed info card every month (more on what they do send later) Once your box is delivered you get another email from Bluum that gives a full breakdown of what was in the box and all the product details. That was last month for some reason this month my son was sent a 12 month old box called "mini cruiser" I am not gonna lie to you , I was seeing red for a few days... how can a 2 yr old enjoy a box for a baby learning to walk.... I shouldn't have worried about that because this box really didn't follow the "12 mth mini cruiser theme either" In fact I left last months description there as a "comparison" so you can see what is supposed to happen vs what happened this month with the Bluum boxes pretty much across the board...
One of the things I am liking about Bluum  is that when you review your box items you earn points (like birchbox) once you accumulate 500 points you earn a free month (there are other ways to earn points as well) 

Ok so lets get to the goodies in the box....

This was the first look into the box (at this point I  Just feel relieved that it is not "baby" items since my son is 24 months and was sent a 12 months box by mistake.and that it is finally here since there were some major shipping delays.

I had to include this age card "12 month, your mini cruiser. learning to walk" considering my son is 24 months and has been walking since 9 months this just struck us as humorous. to the "real stuff"

Pamper's Kandoo foaming hand sanitizer  (travel size)- we like kandoo and because I am immunocompromosed hand sanitizer is a complete must for me this will come in handy.

Happy Yogi's fruit and yogurt snacks- now these ARE a bit "young" for my little Tuff Stuff....he likes to chew his food not have it melt on his tongue and he eats large quantities (sometimes more than I do) This will likley be given to a friend/family member with a "real" baby

B Kids- Stacking Bath Toys- Tuff Stuff loves bath toys of all kinds. His B-day was last week and really the last thing he needs is more Bath toys BUT he saw this box so now it is giving it away after all...and for the record he LOVES it, and even I have to admit it's pretty darn cute!!!

Baby Bug May/June 2013...looks like a book, reads like a book but appears to be a magazine in book form for toddlers (there is an order slip to subscribe inside the book/magazine) it actually is kinda cute and I might subscribe to it for my son because it looks like something he would enjoy.

This is a CD of the Ants go marching...just that one song..once with words, once as an instrumental version.

this is an Asian themed meditation CD that was included as the "mom gift" I guess....

This was the complete Bluum Box for May 2013 "12 mth mini cruisers" sent to a 24 mth old but didn't follow the theme anyway so I guess that was OK

Now, I have to say this box was disappointing, I know that was unable to be hidden in my review BUT...I do normally enjoy Bluum...Next month is the last of my "pre paid" 3 month subscription so I hope they really recover from this month (I just think that the special promotion they ran with plum district made them too bust and it was more than they could handle.
Tuff Stuff wanted to know where all the toys were :(

I am hoping that next month things will get back to normal...I really did enjoy last months box very much, and I am already looking forward to next month's box...all boxes have good months, bad month's and GREAT months... I learned long ago you can not judge a subscription service by just one month...So I am wiping the slate clean and going into this last month of my subscription with the assumption that I will love out June Box and it will blow me away enought to want to extend my membership...
finally found "something" to play with from the box

The regular price of a Bluum Box is $24.95, but is a little less with multiple month subscriptions. Also right now the code "PAMPERS" will get you 50% off of your Bluum box and you will get your box for less than $13 including really can't beat that deal and this box I reviewed today is not a "true" reflection of their boxes...this was just a mistake all the way around and I am sure that Bluum box will "make it right" by sending me an age appropriate box for my son or something along those lines...

I would certainly get the box at 50% and try it out if it isn't for you no worries, you can cancel with the click of a button on the website...that simple

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