Monday, May 20, 2013

WEGO Health Activist writers challenge day 25 (things I have learned)

Today’s Prompt:
  • We don’t stop learning when we leave the classroom. Share something you learned from another Health Activist (Share their name/blog/website!).

To be honest, the site that was the most beneficial t me when I was in the early stages of coming to terms with my own diagnosis was But You Don't Look Sick Website,(created by 

Christine Miserandino)

  now this site has much changed over the last few years as Lupus became more main stream (no, I do not have Lupus...but the owner of But You Don't Look Sick DOES... I have Adult Onset Still's Disease, which basically combines Lupus, RA and a fever disorder into one fun ball of wax...lucky aren't I) it is still on wonderful, informative, and funny site and I think all people with autoimmune illness should visit this site monthly.

The biggest change is the message boards have been removed and at the time I was on those all day long discovering things about my "new life"

We are lucky, that now Facebook gives us pretty much the same type of information and support these days.

As people are Diagnosed I STILL have them go to this website and read up and share the spoon theory by Christine Miserandino as well)The Spoon Theory

I would also like to remind my readers that World AutoImmune Arthritis Day is today and the International Still's Foundation is hosting a portion of the live online events


  1. I had varied responses to that news and differing opinions not to what I should do, but to what others would do.